Hardy ferns

Athyrium- Lady FernsFerns

Athyrium Vidalii
A Japanese fern with colored fronds. Golden yellow fern with striking red stems. Brighter in shade or semi-shade. New growth is flushed out as red color and does well in moist shaded areas.
Height: 18-30" deciduous, clumping Zones 5-9

Athyrium filix-femina
Found from Connecticut to Texas, this Lady grows best in light shade and moist soil. It will form large clumps of plants over time and can be used as either a specimen or as naturalized drifts.
Height: 18-36" deciduous, spreading Zones 5-10

Athyrium filix-femina 'Dre's Dagger'
A very distinct fern with crested light green fonds. A criss cross appearance is formed by each pinna branching on the midribs.
Height: 18-24" Zones 4-8

Lady In Red Fern™
Athyrium angustrum forma rebellum A Northern Lady Fern
"Lady In Red" ™ is an exciting new tissue culture variety from Casa Flora. Vibrant burgundy color runs though the stipe (stem) creating sharp contrast with the green fronds. This deciduous fern is fantastic in any shade garden! Do not fertilize with nitrogen for brightest color. Plants must undergo winter dormancy for bright color and full color doesn't occur until 2nd dormancy & maturity.

Height: 30-36" deciduous, clumping Zones 3-8

Painted Ferns- Japanese & Hybrids

Regal Red Japanese Painted Fern Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Regal Red'
Handsome and ruffled, this high-color selection is a highly requested Painted Fern. The dark interior of the frond is contrasted by bright silver edges making each appear more than they are. The pinnules twist a little giving the fround a 'fluffed-up' look.
Height: 8-20" deciduous, spreading Zones 4-9

Japanese Painted Fern Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum'
With its tri-colored fronds, this is one of the most popular ferns in cultivation in America today. The spectacular blade is triangular with zones of burgundy, gray and dark green. The best color on new fronds is developed in light shade. Too much sun washes out the color. Dormancy and cool weather improve frond color.
Height: 8-20" deciduous, spreading Zones 4-9

Ghost Fern Athyrium 'Ghost'
A sterile cross between American Lady and Japanese Painted Fern. A strong, tall-growing fern which brings a ghostly gray-green accent color to the garden. Especially effective in large mass plantings with adjacent dark foliages. Mickel Collection ™
Height 30-36" deciduous, clumping Zones 3-8

Dennstaedtia - Hay Scented Fern 

Hay Scented Fern Dennstaedtia punctilobula
This common North American fern has beautiful hairy fronds, which are oval-oblong in outline, yellow-green in color, and thin textured. It is found in open, sandy meadows or thinly wooded slopes. It tends to spread too rapidly for use in smaller gardens, but is attractive and carefree in large gardens where there is plenty of room for it to spread as a groundcover. Will thrive in light shade or open sun.
Height: 18-30" deciduous, spreading Zones 3-8

Dyropteris- Wood, Shield & Buckler Ferns

Dixie Wood Fern Dryopteris x australis
This is one of the most spectacular ferns with tall erect growth and dark green fronds. A real winner! Mickel Collection™
Height: 48-60" erect, semi-evergreen, clumping Zones 5-9

Robust Male Fern Dryopteris complexa
This large hybrid fern is one of the best known of the wood ferns. Robust Male fern occurs in cool, moist, rocky woods in western and northeastern North America, Europe and Asia. Very handsome in a woodland setting where it has room to show off, but it is also quite sun tolerant when soil is moist.
Height: 24-48" deciduous, clumping Zones4-8

Brilliance Autumn Fern™ Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance'
'Brilliance' is a new colorful and more brilliant form of the Autumn Fern. The young fronds of this cultivar are lustrous and orange. The fronds at maturity turn green, and retain the glossy sheen. The growth habit is identical to the Autumn but as a whole is dramatically more showy. A wonderful evergreen addition to the fern garden.
Height: 18-24" evergreen, slow-spreading Zones 5-8

Male Fern Dryopteris filix-mas
This large fern is one of the most popular and well known. It is easy to grow and is sun tolerant in moist soil.
Height: 24-48" deciduous, crown Zones 4-8

Linear Male Fern Dryopteris filix-mas 'Linearis'
A tall fern with narrow pinna leaflets, which give it a lacy, delicate appearance but with a leathery texture.
Height: 36" deciduous, crown Zones 4-8

Male Fern Dryopteris filix-mas 'Parsley
The 'Parsley' fern is incredibly unique and will stop you in your tracks when you see it! It's hard to resist reaching out to touch its dark green, crinkled and crested foliage that somewhat resembles parsley.
Height: 18-24" clumping semi-evergreen Zones 4-8

Eastern (Marginal) Wood Fern Dryopteris marginalis
Also known as a Marginal Wood Fern, this native fern is known for its evergreen, bluish green fronds. It is a common fern of woods and rocky wooded slopes in northeastern North America. The Eastern Wood Fern is a sturdy plant, and highly recommended for cultivation.
Height: 18-30" evergreen, crown Zones2-8

Remote Wood Fern Dryopteris remota
A favorite of many for the garden is impressive looking with overlapping leaves. It is a fertile hybrid, intermediate between the parents, with the slender pinnae and shaggy stipe of D. affinis and the thin texture of D. expansa. It is a strong grower!
Height: 24-36" semi-evergreen, spreading Zones 4-8 

Matteuccia- Ostrich Fern

Ostrich Fern 'The King' (Jumbo) Matteuccia struthiopteris 'The King'
Huge plume like fronds from this ancient strain of Matteuccia struthiopteris will add both beauty and depth to landscape plantings in the northern zones. This selection of Ostrich has an enormous crown and fertile fronds that are 50% larger than those on native Ostrich fern. These two characteristics coupled together make for a wonderful all year show! Hardy in the southeastern states.
Height: 36-84" deciduous, wide-spreading Zones 2-8

Osmunda Ferns 

Interrupted Fern Osmunda claytoniana
A majestic fern that resembles the Cinnamon Fern in the frond but is distinct in having the sporangia borne in the middle of the frond with vegetative leaflets above and below, giving an "interrupted" effect to the frond. It occurs in moist woods rather than swamps in Eastern North America and Asia.
Height: 24-48" deciduous, clumping Zones 2-8

Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea
This fern is named for its bright, cinnamon colored, fertile fronds (turning after the green spores are shed.) Osmunda cinnomomea is a robust fern of swamps and other wet areas in North America. It can tolerate some sun and some lime but plants do not reach maximum size under these conditions.
Height: 30-36" deciduous, multiple crown Zones 2-10

American Royal Fern Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis
One of the most handsome ferns. Foliage is deep forest green with long smooth edged leaves. Enjoys moist, acidic shady sites. Whether used in borders or as a background, the Royal Fern enhances any garden with its gracefulness and varying shades of green. Easy to grow almost anyplace, even full sun when given sufficient water. A dormant period improves vigor.
Height: 12-36" evergreen, short-spreading Zones 5-8


Sensitive Fern Onoclea sensibilis
Adaptable in North and South. Shade or sun if kept wet. Aggressive groundcover. Pale green color is great next to dark green or yellow colored foliages. Good plant for marshes, ditches and boggy areas.
Height: 12-36" deciduous, short-creeping Zones 2-10

Polystichum- Holly, Shield & Sword Ferns 

Polystichum aculeatum Hard Shield Fern
Easy to grow evergreen fern forms clumps of narrow, upright dark green fronds that are stiff to the touch.
Height 12-36" evergreen, clumping Zones4-8

Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides
One of our top American ferns is native in many of the areas east of the Rockies. It was used for Christmas decorations by our ancestors. At first glance, it looks similar to a Boston Fern. It grows equally well in rich soil and moist areas, dry areas, and rock areas in nature.
Height 12-24" evergreen, spreading Zones 3-9