CALAMAGROSTIS (Feather Reed Grass):
'Avalanche': 1qt- wide white ban down the center of each leaf
Height: 4ft

'Karl Foerster': 1gal-
feathery golden inflorescences
Height: 4ft

nepeta 'White Cloud': 1 gal-5.99
compact growth, tiny white flowers
Height: 18" Zone 4-7

CALLIRHOE (Poppy Mallow)
involucrata (Wine Cups): 1gal-7.99
2" wide cup-shaped purple flowers
Height: 12" Zones 4-7

CALTHA (Marsh Marigold)
palustris 'Pleno' (Double Marsh Marigold):
button-like, dense petalled blooms
Height: 6-12" Zone 3-11

CAMPANULA (Bellflower):
carpatica (Carpathian Harebell):
'Blue Clips': 2qt-5.99
violet blue, cup shaped flowers, uniformed clump
Height: 8" Zone 3-8

'Deep Blue Clips': 2qt-5.99
deep blue, cup shaped flowers, uniformed clump
Height: 8" Zone 3-8

'White Clips': 2qt-5.99
white, cup shaped flowers, uniformed clump
Height: 8" Zone 3-8

Freya': 1gal-7.99
star-shaped, lilac purple flowers
Height:12-16" Zones:3-8

glomerata (Clustered Bellflower):
'Genti Twisterbell': 6"sq-7.99
large clusters of blue & white bicolor flowers
Height: 22" Zones 3-9

'Superba': 1gal-5.99
rich purple funnel shaped flower clusters
Height: 24-30" Zone 2-9

hybrida 'Pink Octopus': 6" sq-7.99
bright candypink petals; dark green foliage
Height: 10" Zones 5-9

hybrida portenschlagiana 'Birch': 2qt-5.99
dwarf, lavander blue bell shaped flowers
Height: 8" Zone 4-8

medium (Canterbury Bells): 1gal-5.99
'Champion Blue': 2qt-5.99
deep blue cup-shaped flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 2-8

'Champion Pink': 2qt-5.99
candy pink cup-shaped flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 2-8

persicifolia {Peachleaf Bellflower):
'Alba' : 1gal-5.99
pure white flowers on tall stems
Height: 30" Zone 3-8

'Peach-leaved Blue': 1gal-5.99
large, blue, bell-shaped flowers
Height 30-36" Zone 3-7

'Takion Blue': 1gal-5.99
about half the height of typical persicifolia
Height: 16-20" Zone 3-8

'Takion White': 1gal-5.99
about half the height of typical persicifolia
Height: 16-20" Zones 3-8

poscharskyana (Serbian Bellflower): 2qt-7.99
'Blue Waterfall': 2qt-7.99
tidy mat of green leaves, blue, starlike flowers
Height: 8" Zone 4-7

'Purple Sensation': 1gal-7.99
huge, drooping midnight purple bells
Height: 12-18"

'Samantha': 2qt-7.99
showy, compact blue flowers, heart shaped leaves
Height: 6-8" Zone 5-8

punctata (Spotted Bellflower):
'Cherry Bells': 1gal-5.99
pendulous cherry-red to dusky-rose bellflowers
Height: 12-24" Zones 5-9

'Sarastro': 1gal-7.99
large, icy grape flowers dangle from tall stems
Height: 18" Zone 3-8

'Silver Bells': 1gal-5.99
fragrant lavender pink bellflowers
"Zones 4-7

rotundifolia (Harebell):

'Thumbell Blue': 2qt-5.99
improved form of wild Bluebells-of-Scotland
Height: 10-12" Zones 2-9

clandonensis (Blue Mist)
'Dark Knight': 1gal-9.99
the darkest blue flowers of the Bluebeards
Height: 3-4' Zone 5-9

'Grand Bleu': 1gal-9.99
glossy foliage; deep blue flowers
Height: 23-25" Zones 5-9

'Longwood Blue': 1gal-9.99
silvery foliage; sky blue flowers
Height: 18-24" Zones 5-9

CENTAUREA (Cornflower)
dealbata (Persian Cornflower): 1gal-5.99
felty gray foliage w/pink star like flowers
Height: 30-36" Zone 3-8

montana (Mountain Bluet): 1gal-5.99
blue flowers with fringed margins
Height: 18-24" Zone 3-8

montana 'Amethyst in Snow': 1gal-9.99
pure white petals around purple center
Height: 14" Zone 3-8

montana 'Black Sprite': 1gal-7.99
striking purplish black flowers
Height: 14" Zones 3-9

CENTRANTHUS (Red Valerian, Jupiter's Beard) ruber: 2qt-5.99
fragrant, tiny carmine-rose florets, showy heads
Height: 24-36" Zone 4-8

CERASTIUM (Snow in Summer)
tomentosum: 4.5"-3.99; 2qt-5.99
woolly gray foliage with pure white flowers
Height: 4-6" Zone 3-7

CERATOSTIGMA (Plumbago; Leadwort) plumbaginoides: 1qt-3.99; 6"sq-5.99
tiny blue flowers, bronzy red fall foliage
Height: 8-12" Zone 5-9

CHELONE (Turtlehead)
lyonii 'Hot Lips' (Pink Turtlehead): 1gal-7.99
rosy pink turtle head like flowers; red stems
Height: 24-30" Zone 4-9

lyonii 'Tiny Tortuga': 1gal-7.99
clusters of dark pink turtle-head flowers
Height: 11-15" Zones 3-8

obliqua (Rose Turtlehead): 6"sq/1gal-7.99
dark lilac-pink flowers load the stem with buds
Height: 36-40" Zone 4-9

obliqua 'Alba' (White Turtlehead): 1gal-7.99
white tubular flowers on sturdy stems
Height: 26" Zone 4-9

'Clara Curtis': 1gal-6.99
deep pink daisies with yellow eye
Height: 23-29" Zones: 3-9

morifolium (Hardy Garden Mum):
'Mammoth Pink Daisy': Janor-7.99
vibrant lavender-pink flowers (yellow center)
Height: 14-36" Zones 3-9

'Mammoth Red Daisy': Janor-7.99
deep red, yellow-centered flowers
Height: 14-36" Zones 3-9

'Match sticks': Janor-7.99
gold & fiery red quilled flowers
Height :14-16" Zones 4-8

CHRYSOGONUM (Green and Gold)
virginianum 'Pierre': 1qt-3.99; 6"sq-7.99
low-growing ground cover; yellow flowers
Height: 4-6" Zones 5-9

ramosa 'Atropurpurea':1gal-9.99
purple green foliage, arching bottlebrush blooms
Height: 3-5' Zone 3-9

ramosa 'Brunette': 1gal-9.99
purple black foliage, bottlebrush flowers
Height: 3-4' Zone 3-9

ramosa 'Chocoholic': 1gal-9.99
fragrant, mauve-pink bottlebrush flowers
Height: 4-5' Zones 4-8

ramosa 'Hillside Black Beauty': 9.99
dark purplish-black foliage, bottlebrush blooms
Height: 4-7' Zone 4-8

ramosa 'James Compton': 1gal-9.99
very fragrant white flowers
Height: 32" Zone: 4

ramosa 'Pink Spike': 1gal-9.99
bronze black foliage, pink bottlebrush blooms
Height: 4-5' Zone 3-9

simplex 'White Pearl': 1gal-7.99
creamy white bottlebrush blooms, green leaves
Height: 5-6 Zone 4-9

CONVALLARIA (Lily of the Valley)
majalis: 6"sq-7.99;;
stems are loaded with small white flowers
Height: 6-8" Zone 2-8

majalis 'Bordeaux': 6"sq-7.99;
very fragrant white bell-shaped flowers
Height: 6-8" Zones 2-7

rosea: 6"sq-7.99;
stems are loaded with small pink flowers
Height: 6-8" Zone 2-8

COREOPSIS (Tickseed):
'Nana': 1gal-5.99
dwarf variety; rich golden yellow flowers
Height: 5-9" Zones 4-8

grandiflora ( & hybrids):
'Baby Sun': 2qt-5.99
bicolor flowers with yellow and brownish-red eye
Height: 12-18" Zones 4-9

'Golden Sphere': 1gal-7.99
large, fluffy, yellow, pom-pom flowers
Height: 10-16" Zones 4-9

'Heliot': 1gal-5.99
bright yellow blooms with red center ring
Height: 24" Zone 4-9

x 'Jethro Tull': 1gal-7.99
brilliant golden yellow flowers with fluted petals
Height: 18" Zone 4-9

'Mercury Rising' (Big Bang Series): 1gal-7.99
velvety wine red flowers: long bloom season
Height: 15-18" Zone 5-9

'Presto': 1gal-5.99
dwarf habit; 2" wide double yellow flowers
Height: 6-8" Zones 4-9

Solana Golden Sphere': 1gal-7.99
fluffy golden-yellow pom-pom flowers
Height: 10-18" Zones 4-9

'Sun Up': 1gal-5.99
early blooming; semi-double yellow flowers
Height: 10-12" Zones 4-9

'Tequila Sunrise': 2qt-7.99
olive green leaves, red eye golden flowers
Height: 14-16" Zone

pubescens (Downy Coreopsis):
'Sunshine Superman': 1gal-5.99
Golden yellow flowers; fuzzy green leaves
Height: 10-12" Zone

'American Dream': 1gal-5.99
pink flowers, finely textured foliage
Height: 12-18" Zone 3-10

'Sweet Dreams': 1gal-5.99
Bicolor flowers (white & red)
Height: 18-34" Zone 5-8

verticillata (Threadleaf):
'Bengal Tiger': 1gal-7.99
starry red and gold flowers
Height: 18-20" Zones 5-9

'Broad Street': 1gal-7.99
bright red flowers with orange undersides
Height: 18" Zones 5-8

'Crème Brulee': 1gal-7.99
soft yellow blooms, compact foliage
Height: 16-20" Zone 5-9

'Electric Avenue': 1gal-7.99
true yellow flowers (larger than 'Moonbeam')
Height: 15-18"

'Heaven's Gate': 1gal-7.99
blush pink flowers, red eye
Height: 18-24" Zone 5-9

'Main Street': 1gal-7.99
rich deep rose colored flower
Height: 15-18" Zones 5-8

'Moonbeam': 1gal-5.99
bright lemon yellow flowers, airy foliage
Height: 18-24" Zone 4-9

'Red Satin': 1gal-7.99
deep wine-red flowers
Height: 15-18" Zones 5-9

'Route 66": 1gal-7.99
bright yellow with dominant red eye
Height: 24-28" Zone-4-8

'Sienna Sunset': 1gal-7.99
rich burnt sienna colored blooms
Height: 16-20" Zone 5-9

'Sunset Strip': 1gal-5.99
orange flowers with orange-red center
Height: 15-16" Zone 5

'Sweet Dreams': 1gal-5.99
raspberry & white (bicolor) flowers
Height: 12-18" Zones 4-9

'Tweety': 1gal-5.99
bright yellow flowers; long seaon of bloom
Height:14-16" Zones 5-9

'Zagreb': 1gal-5.99
bright golden yellow blooms, needle like foliage
Height: 15" Zone 4-9

elata: 1gal-7.99
angling tubular blue flowers, lacy leaves
Height: 15" Zone 5-7

flexuosa: 1gal-7.99
fragrant, light blue flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 5-9

lutea (Yellow Corydalis): 1gal-7.99
bright yellow, short-spurred flowers
Height: 12-18" Zones 5-7

CROCOSMIA (Montbretia)
'Lucifer': 1gal-7.99
intense red color blooms, long lasting
Height: 36-42" Zone 5-9

'Orange Pekoe': 1gal-7.99
tri-colored flowers (orange, yellow, & red)
Height: 24-30" Zones

masonorum: 2qt-7.99
bright orange-red upright flowers
Height: 31-36" Zones 5-9

DELOSPERMA (Hardy Ice Plant)
'Fire Spinner':
fast spreading; shocking color combination
Height: 2-3" Zones 5-8

'Jewel of Desert Peridot': 1qt-5.99
bright yellow flowers with white inner halo
Height: 4-6" Zones 4-9

'Jewel of Desert Ruby': 1qt-5.99
deep red flowers with white inner halo
Height: 4-6" Zones 4-9

'Mesa Verde': 1qt-5.99; 2qt-7.99
irridescent, salmon-pink flowers
Height: 2" Zone 4-8

All varieties (unless otherwise noted):
1qt-3.99; 2qt/1gal-5.99
x elatum (Pacific Giant Hybrids):
tall spikes of lavender-pink flowers (dark bee)
Height: 4-6 ft Zones 3-9

'Black Knight'
tall spikes of midnight blue flowers (dark bee)
Height: 4-6 ft Zones 3-9

'Blue Bird'
tall spikes of mid-blue flowers (white bee)
Height: 4-6 ft Zones 3-9

tall spikes of pure white flowers
Height: 4-6 ft Zones 3-9

'Guardian Early Blue'
tall spikes of double blue flowers
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 3-7

tall spikes of lavender-pink flowers (white bee)
Height; 4-6 ft Zones 3-9

'King Arthur'
tall spikes of royal-violet flowers (white bee)
Height: 4-6 ft Zones 3-9

New Millenium Hybrids:
'Pagan Purples': 1gal-7.99
tall dark blue, deep purple to mauve flower spikes
Height: 3-5 ft Zones 3-9

'Pink Punch' : 1gal-7.99
deep rich mulberry pink flower spikes
Height: 3-5 ft Zones 3-9

'Purple Passion' : 1gal-7.99
intense deep purple (white bee) flower spikes
Height: 3-5 ft Zones 3-9

grandiflorum 'Blue Butterfly': 2qt/6"sq-5.99
dozens of deep blue flowers
Height: 12-14" Zones 4-9

DIANTHUS (Pinks, Carnations):
x allwoodii (Border Pinks):
'Aqua': 1gal-5.99
fragrant, double white flowers
Height: 10-12" Zones 3-8

'Constant Beauty': 6"sq-7.99
fragrant pink flowers; early spring to fall
"Zones 3-10

'Frosty Fire': 1 gal. 5.99
fragrant, bright cherry red double flowers
Height: 6" Zones 3-8

barbatus (Sweet William):
'Barbarini Picotee Purple': 1gal-5.99
dwarf; clusters of fragrant purple & white flowers
Height: 8-10" Zones 3-8

'Barbarini Red': 1gal-5.99
dwarf; showy clusters of fragrant red flowers
Height: 8-10" Zones 3-8

'Barbarini Red Picotee': 1gal-5.99
dwarf; clusters of fragrant red & white bicolored
Height: 8-10" Zones 3-8

'Barbarini Rose': 1gal-5.99
dwarf; showy clusters of fragrant rose flowers
Height: 8-10" Zones 3-8

'Indian Carpet Mix': mum pot-7.99
white, pink, & red flowers
Height: 12-14" Zones 3-9

deltoides (Maiden Pinks):
'Brilliant': 1gal-5.99
scarlet red lavender flowers, fragrant
Height: 6-8" Zone 3-10

'Zing Rose': 1gal-5.99
fragrant rose-red flowers
Height: 10-12" Zone 3-9

gratianopolitanus (Cheddar Pinks):
'Bath's Pink': 1gal-5.99
intensely fragrant flowers wi/bluish-gray foliage
Height: 8-12" Zone 3-8

'Coral Reef': 1gal-5.99
fragrant large, double coral blooms edged in white
Height: 9-12" Zones 5-9

'Firewitch': 1gal-5.99
bright hot pink single flowers, blue gray foliage
Height: 6-8" Zone 5-9

'Passion': 1gal-5.99
fragrant cherry-red double flowers
Height: 12" Zones 5-9

'Pomegranate Kiss': 1gal-7.99
deep velvety red, fragrant, double flowers
Height: 6" Zone 4-9

'Rosebud': 1gal-7.99
masses of salmon-pink, rosebud-like flowers
Height: 12" Zones 5-9

'Tiny Rubies': 1 gal-5.99
double, deep rose-pink, clove fragrance
Height: 4-5" Zone 3-9

'Wicked Witch': 1 gal-7.99
clove-scented, cherry pink flowers
Height: 6" Zone 3

plumarius (Cottage Pinks; Garden Pinks):
'Eastern Star': 1 gal-5.99
large, red flowers with raisin-red centers
Height: 7" Zone 5-9

'Fire Star': 1 gal-7.99
vivid fire red flowers have a deeper crimson eye
Height: 8" Zone 5-9

'Neon Star': 1gal-5.99
vibrant, florescent pink flowers, compact foliage
Height: 7" Zone 5-9

'Peppermint Star": 1 gal-7.99
striking pink flowers with red centers
Height: 8-10" Zone 4-9

'Spangled Star': 1 gal-5.99
intricate red and pink flowers, gray green foliage
Height: 7" Zone 5-9

'Twilight Star': 1 gal-7.99
semi double pink flowers (maroon centers)
Height: 6" Zone 5

DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart)
eximia (x formosa) 'Luxuriant': 1gal-7.99
red, heart-shaped blooms blue green foliage
Height: 12-15 Zone 3-9

eximia (x formosa) 'Snowdrift': 1gal-7.99
white, heart-shaped blooms, gray green foliage
Height: 12-15" Zone 3-9

x 'King of Hearts':1ga-7.99
rosy pink flowers; vigorous grower
Height: 12-15" Zones 3-9

spectabilis (Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart):
pink and white heart-shaped flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 3-9

'Alba': 2gal-9.99
white, heart shaped flowers, cut, lobed leaves
Height: 24-36" Zone 3-9

x 'Gold Heart': 1gal-7.99
pink, heart shaped flowers, golden foliage
Height: 24-36" Zone 3-9

'Pink': 2gal-9.99
pink, heart shaped flowers, cut, lobed leaves
Height: 30-36" Zone 3-9

DICTAMNUS (Gas Plant) albus
'Albiflorus': 1gal-7.99
white open flaring 6-petal flowers; aromatic leaves
Height: 28-32" Zones 3-7
albus 'Purpureus': 1gal-7.99

DIGITALIS (Foxglove)
'Camelot Cream': 1gal-5.99
cream colored flowers
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 5-9

'Camelot Lavender': 1gal-5.99
white w/lavender shading and burgundy spotting
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 4-9

'Camelot Rose': 1gal-5.99
deep rose pink flowers, burgundy interior spotting
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 4-9

'Candy Mountain': 1gal-5.99
upward-facing rose-pink blossoms
Height: 3-4ft Zones 4-9

'Pam's Choice Split': 1gal-5.99
white bells (deep burgundy speckled throats)
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 4-9

'Snowy Mountain': 1gal-5.99
snowy white flowers with purple spotted throats
Height: 36-56" Zones 4-8

'Sahara': 1gal-5.99
yellow flowers with bronzy-orange throats
Height: 24-36" Zone 6-9

DORONICUM (Leopard's Bane)
'Little Leo': 6"sq/2qt/1gal-5.99
vibrant, bright yellow semi-double blooms
Height: 12-18" Zone 4-7

'Magnificum': 6"sq/2 qt/1gal-5.99
vibrant, yellow daisy like flowers
Height: 14" Zone 4-8

ECHINACEA (Purple Coneflower)
'Avalanche': 1gal-9.99
white rays and green center cones
Height: 15-18" Zones 3-8

'Bright Star': 1gal-7.99
purple red petals, mahogony centers
Height: 24-30" Zone 3-9

'Burgundy Fireworks': 1gal-9.99
compact hybrid; deep beet-red flowers
Height: 16-18" Zones 5-7

'Cheyene Spirit": 1gal-7.99
flowers in a mixed range of colors
Height: 22-30" Zones 4-9

'Cleopatra': 1gal-9.99
dwarf; bright yellow flower with orange cone
Height: 15-18" Zones 5-9

'Coconut Lime': 1gal-9.99
first ever double-flowered white Echinacea
Height: 24" + Zone 5-9

'Green Envy': 1gal-9.99
opens pale green matures to magenta
Height:30-36" Zone 4-9

'Happy Star': 1gal-5.99
pure white horizontal petals
Height: 36-42" Zones 3-8

'Harvest Moon': 1gal-9.99
fragrant bright golden flowers
Height: 24-30" Zone 3-8

'Hot Papaya': 1gal-9.99
Sizzling, red orange, double cones
Height: 30-32" Zone 4

'Julia': 6"sq-7.99
dwarf; vivid tangarine orange flowers
Height: 15-18" Zones 5-9

'Jupiter'('Jacob Lewis'): 1gal-9.99
large 6" wide rosy-peach flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 4-9

'Kim's Knee High': 1gal-7.99
rigid reflexed petals of a strong pink color
Height: 24" Zone 3-9

'Kim's Mop Head': 6"sq/1gal-7.99
shorter variety of white coneflower
Height: 18" Zone 4-8

'Litte Magnus': 1gal-7.99
compact version of the 'Magnus'
Height-14-18" Zone 3-8

'Magnus': 1gal-5.99; 1.5 gal-7.99
rose-pink ray petals (coppery-brown cone center)
Height: 36" Zone 3-8

'Magnus Superior': 1gal-5.99
improved 'Magnus'; deeper lavender coloration
Height: 36-40" Zones 3-8

'Meringue': 1gal-9.99
double white pom-pom coneflowers
Height: 18" Zones 3-8

'Milkshake': 1gal-9.99
french vailla colored, double flowers
Height: 30-32" Zone 4

'Piccolino': 1gal-7.99
fragrant, rose-pink double flowers; compact plant
Height: 9-11" Zones 4-9

'Pineapple Sundae': 1gal-9.99
first double yellow Echinacea
Height: 26-28" Zone 4-9

'Pow Wow White': 1gal-5.99
clean white petals; yellow-brown center cone
Height: 2-3ft Zones3-8

'Pow Wow Wild Berry': 1gal-5.99
rose-purple rays; orange-brown center cones
Height: 2-3ft Zones 3-8

'Pink Double Delight' : 1gal-9.99
fluffy, pink doubled-flowers
Height: 24-28" Zone 5-9

'Prairie Splendor Deep Rose': 1gal-7.99
deep rose cone flower
Height: 24-36" Zones 3-8

'Primadonna White': 1gal-7.99
large, pure white petals, dark center
Height: 24-36" Zone 4-8

'Razmatazz': 1gal-9.99
fully double; pink center cushion; magenta petals
Height: 18-23" Zones 3-9

'Ruby Giant': 1gal-9.99
large, bold, dark ruby-pink flowers
Height: 24-30" Zones 3-9

'Ruby Star' ('Rubinstern'): 1gal-7.99
flat heads of magenta-red daisies
Height: 30-36" Zone 3-9

'Sombrero Adobe Orange': 1gal-9.99
large orange flowers with rust brown center cone
Height: 23-25" Zones 4-9

'Sombrero Flamenco Orange': 1gal-9.99
large orange-red flowers with brown center cone
Height: 23-25" Zones 4-9

'Sombrero Hot Coral': 1gal-9.99
bright coral flowers with dark center cone
Height: 22-26" Zones 5-9

'Sombrero Lemon Yellow': 1gal-9.99
vibrant lemon-yellow flowers; dark center cone
Height: 22-26" Zones 5-9

'Sombrero Salsa Red': 1gal-9.99
brilliant, rich orangey red flowers
Height: 22-24" Zones 4-9

'Sombrero Sandy Yellow': 1gal-9.99
bright yellow petals surround brown center cone
Height: 18-24" Zones 4-9

'Summer Sky': 1gal-7.99
flowers in pastel shades of orange to pink
Height:24-36" Zone 4-9

'Sundown' Big Sky Series: 1gal-9.99
russet-orange flowers, brownish cone
Height: 32-40" Zone 4-9

'Sunrise' Big Sky Series: 1gal-9.99
citron yellow flowers, green to gold cones
Height: 30-36" Zone 4-9

'Sunset' Big Sky Series: 1gal-9.99
brightest orange available, sturdy
Height: 24-30" Zone 3-9

'Supreme Cantaloupe': 1gal-9.99
double anemone-type melon-colored blooms
Height: 26-29" Zones 4-9

'Tiki Torch': 1gal-9.99
dark orange coneflower, spice scented blooms
Height: 30-36" Zone 4-9

'White Double Delight': 1gal-7.99
re-blooming crisp white double flowers
Height: 18-24" Zones 5-9

'White Swan': 6"sq/1gal-5.99
pure white ray petals reflex downward, classic
Height: 30-36" Zone 3-8

ECHINOPS (Globe Thistle)
ritro: 1qt-3.99; 6"sq/2qt./1gal-5.99
ball-shaped blue flowers; silvery pointed foliage
Height: 4 ft Zones 3-9

ritro 'Veitch's Blue': 1gal-5.99
blue, golf ball-shaped blooms
Height: 36-42" Zones 3-8

'Artic Glow': 1qt-3.99; 1gal-5.99
ball-shaped silvery-white flowers
Height: 31-35" Zones 2-7

ECHIUM (Red Feathers)
amoenum: 1gal-5.99
feathery spikes of russet-red florets
Height: 10-14" Zones 3-9

EPIMEDIUM (Barrenwort; Bishop's Hat)
x cantabrigiense: 6"sq-7.99
evergreen groundcover; variable colored foliage
Height: 12-24" Zones 4-8

x rubrum (Red Barrenwort): 2qt-7.99
good groundcover for shady areas; red flowers
Height: 6-12" Zones 5-9

x versicolor sulphureum: 6"sq-7.99
groundcover; short-spurred yellow flowers
Height: 8-12" Zones 5-9

ERIGERON (Fleabane)
'Prosperity': 1gal-7.99
large, profuse, daisy like lavender/blue flowers
Height: 18" Zone 4-8

ERYNGIUM (Sea Holly)
planum 'Blue Diamond': 1gal-5.99
silver-blue flowers with metallic sheen
Height: 15-18" Zone 4-9

ERYSIMUM (Wallflower)
'Sweet Sorbet': PW 4.5- ; 2qt-7.99
flowers in bright shades of pink
Height: 14-18" Zone 6-10

'Winter Joy': PW 4.5"- ; 2qt-7.99
blue-purple flowers
Height: 14-18" Zone 6-10

fortunei {Wintercreeper) 'Coloratus': 1gal-5.99
hardy, evergreen, clinging vine
Height: 12-15" Zone 4-10

EUPATORIUM (Joe Pye weed)
fortunei 'Pink Frost': 1gal-9.99
variegated green& yellow foliage; pink blooms
Height: 29-35" Zones 4-9

maculatum 'Atropurpureum': 1gal-5.99
fragrant panicles of violet-purple flowers
Height: 6-8 ft Zones 3-9

maculatum 'Gateway': 1gal-7.99
gorgeous lavender purple blooms, red stems
Height: 5-7' Zone 4-8

purpureum 'Little Joe': 1gal-7.99
sturdy dark purple-red stems, green foliage
Height: 3-4' Zone 3-8

rugosum 'Chocolate': 22-24"1gal-7.99
creamy, white flowers purple-brown foliage
Height: 30-36" Zone 5-9

amygdaloides (Wood Spurge):
'Purpurea' (Purple Wood Spurge): 1gal-7.99
burgundy-purple foliage; greenish-yellow flowers
Height: 12-18" Zones 5-9

polychroma (Cushion Spurge): 1gal-7.99
chrome-yellow bracts, pale yellow flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 4-8

'Blackbird': 1gal-7.99
dark purple foliage; chatreuse flowers
Height: 24" Zone 6

'Bonfire': 1gal-7.99
deep purple, red, and orange leaves, yellow bracts
Height: 18" Zone 5-9

updated 4/30/2016