half flat-16.99; full flat-32.99
evergreen grouncover; mat forming habit
Height; 8-10" Zones 5-8

lactiflora (Garden Peony)
(some varieties may not be listed)
'Bowl of Beauty': 2gal-12.99
fragrant fuschsia-rose frilly, yellow inner petals
24-30" Zone 4-8

'Coral Charm': 2gal-12.99

'Coral Sunset': 2gal-16.99
fragrant, semi-double, rose-coral blooms
Height: 24-28" Zones 3-7

'Duchess De Nemours': 2gal-16.99
fragrant, double, milky white blossoms
Height: 34" Zone 3-8

'Felix Crousse': 2gal-12.99
double, fragrant, carmine-red blossoms
Height: 28" Zone 3-8

'Festiva Maxima': 2gal-12.99
white blooms, red center, fragrant double
Height: 34" Zone 3-8

'Kansas': 2gal-12.99
watermelon, red flowers, fragrant
Height: 32" Zone 3-8

'Gardenia': 2gal-16.99

'Karl Rosenfeld': 2gal-12.99
red blooms, fragrant, double
Height: 34" Zone 3-8

'Krinkled White': 2gal-16.99
fragrant white blooms with yellow centers
Height: 27-31" Zones 3-8

'Lady Liberty': 2gal-16.99
double flamingo-pink petals; frilly cream centers
Height: 30-32" Zones 3-8

'Paul M. Wild': 2gal-16.99
very large vivid ruby-red double flowers
Height: 38" Zones 4-8

'Primevere': 2gal-12.99
double; ivory outer petals; sulphur yellow centers
Height: 33-35" Zones 3-9

'Purple Spider': 2gal-16.99
double; pink-edged, purplr-fuhsia flowers
Height:32-36" Zones 4-8

'Raspberry Sundae': 2gal-12.99
pale pink petals with fluffy blush pink center
Height: 30" Zones 3-8

'Sarah Bernhardt': 2gal-12.99
gigantic, double, apple blossom pink flowers
Height: 34" Zone 3-8

'Scarlet O'Hara': 2gal-12.99

'Shirley Temple': 2gal-12.99
fragrant, large, double flowers are pale pink
Height: 32-36" Zone 3-8

'Sorbet': 2gal-16.99
pink, white, fragrant flowers
Height: 36-48" Zone 3-8

'Whopper': 2gal-16.99
fragrant, double, pink bicolorflowers
Height: 32-40" Zones 3-8

'Rubra Flora Plena':2 gal: 12.99
double red flower, fern like foliage
Height: 20" Zone 3-8

suffruticosa (Tree Peony): all 2gal-33.99
large flowers bloom in spring
'High Noon' (yellow)
'Kamatafuji' (white)
'Kinkaku' (apricot/orange)
'Rimpoh' (red)
'Shima-Nishiki' (red & white)
'Taiyo' (cardinal red)
(also: pink, purple, & lt. purple varieties)
Height: 3-5ft Zones 4-8

hybrida (Hybrid Poppy):
'Summer Breeze – Orange': 1qt-3.99
cute little orange poppies bloom like crazy
Height: 12-15" Zones 3-8

'Summer Breeze – Yellow' : 1qt-3.99
cute little yellow poppies bloom like crazy
Height: 12-15" Zones 3-8

nudicaule (Iceland Poppy):
'Champagne Bubbles Mix': 6"sq-7.99
orange, red, white, yellow flowers
Height: 10-12" Zone 4-10

'Flamenco': 2qt-7.99
large pink to salmon flowers; paler picotee edge
Height: 12-16" Zones 2-7

'Flamenco Dancer': 1qt-3.99
large true red fringed flowers
Height: 30" Zones3-7

'Garden Gnome Mix': 2qt- 7.99
dwarf, upright, bushy, mixed flowers
Height: 12" Zone 3-7

'Pacino': 1qt-3.99
soft yellow alpine, stems over low foliage
Height: 8" Zone 3-7

orientale (Oriental Poppy):
'Allegro' ('Dwarf Allegro'): 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
classic scarlet, large silky blossoms
Height: 16-20" Zone 3-9

'Brilliant' ('Crimson Red'): 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
wildfire red, 4" blooms, dark center
Height: 30" Zones 3-7

'Orange Scarlet': 1qt-3.99
large brilliant reddish-orange flowers; dark center
Height: 24-30" Zones 4-9

'Prince of Orange': 1qt-3.99
large vibrant orange colored blooms (dark center)
Height: 30" Zones 4-9

'Princess Louise': 1qt-3.99
Large salmon-pink flowers (dark center)
Height: 24-30" Zones 3-8

'Royal Wedding': 1qt-3.99
large white flowers with purple-black heart
Height: 29-31" Zones 3-8

PENSTEMON (Bearded Tongue)
barbatus 'Purple Riding Hood': 1gal-5.99
abundance of huge purple tubular flowers
Height: 16-18" Zones 5-8

barbatus 'Red Riding Hood': 1gal-5.99
bright red tubular flowers on long stems
Height: 24-30" Zones 5-8

digitalis 'Husker Red': 1gal-7.99
purple bronze foliage, showy white flowers
Height: 30-34" Zone 3-9

mexicali 'Red Rocks': 6"sq-7.99
tall showy spikes of bright rose-red flowers
Height: 12-36" Zones 4-9

PEROVSKIA (Russian Sage)
atriplicifolia: 1gal-7.99
long panicles of light blue flowers, aromatic leaves
Height: 4-5ft Zones 5-9

'Denim 'N Lace': PW1gal-9.99
lacy, bright sky blue flowers
Height; 28-32" Zones 4-9

'Filigran': 1gal-7.99
finely cut foliage; airy spiked of blue flowers
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 4-9

'Lacey Blue': 1gal-7.99
shortest Russian Sage; large lavender-blue flowers
Height: 12-18" Zones 4-8

'Little Spire': 1gal-7.99
gray green leaves, airy lavender blue blooms
Height: 25" Zone 4-9

'Longin': 1gal-7.99
gray green leaves, airy lavender blue blooms
Height: 36-48" Zone 4-9

'Peek-A-Blue': 1gal-7.99
shorter variety; lacy foliage; lavender blue flowers
Height: 24-28" Zones 4-9

'Rocketman': 1gal-7.99
narrower vase-shaped; large fluffy blue flowers
Height: 30-36" Zones 4-9

x arendsii (Arend's Phlox):
'All-in-One': 1gal-7.99
lilac blooms with white edges
Height: 20-24" Zones 3-9

divaricata (Woodland Phlox):
'Blue Moon': 1qt -5.99
clusters of rich violet blue flowers
Height: 12-24" Zones 4-9

'Laphamii': 1qt-5.99
fragrant blue-violet flower clusters
Height: 12-18" Zones 3-8

'May Breeze': 1qt -5.99
clusters of fragrant pale bluish-white flowers
Height: 12-15" Zones 4-8

glaberrima (Smooth Phlox):
'Triple Play': 1gal-9.99
variegated foliage; pinkish lavender flowers
Height: 12" Zones 4-8

'Sherbet Cocktail': 1gal-9.99
fragrant pink & white flowers (yellow edges)
Height: 28" Zones 4-8

maculata (Wild Sweet William): 1gal-5.99

paniculata (Garden Phlox): (all varieties 1gal-7.99 unless otherwise noted)

'Blue Boy'
fragrant soft blue flowers with tiny white eye
Height: 30-40" Zones 4-9

'Blue Paradise'
purple blue flowers with small white eye
Height: 24-48" Zones 4-8

'Blushing Shortwood'
white and pink bicolor flowers
Height: 20-24" Zones 4-8

fragrant clusters of pure white flowers
Height: 24-48" Zones 3-8

'David's Lavender'
fragrant lavender pink flower clusters
Height: 24-48" Zones 4-8

'Eva Cullum'
clusters of fragrant pink flowers (dark pink eye)
Height: 24-30" Zones 4-8

'Franz Schubert'
fragrant soft lilac flowers with dark purple eye
Height: 26-30" Zones 4-8

fuchsia-purple flowers with white eye
Height: 20-28" Zones 4-9

'Light Pink Flame'
dwarf variety; fragrant pink flowers (darker eye)
Height: 12-16" Zones 4-8

'Lilac Flame'
dwarf; fragrant lilac- purple flowers (white eye)
Height: 12-16" Zones 4-8

clusters of fragrant deep magenta flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 4-8

'Peppermint Twist': 1gal-9.99
fragrant pink and white striped flowers
Height: 16" Zones 4-9

'Pink Flame' ('Bartwelve')
dwarf; fragrant pink flowers (dark pink eye)
Height: 12-16" Zones 4-8

'Purple Flame' (Barfourteen')
dwarf; fragrant purple flowers with dark eye
Height: 12-16" Zones 4-8

'Red Magic'
fragrant vivid red flower clusters
Height: 24-30" Zones 4-8

'Red Super'
fragrant bright red flowers with darker red eye
Height: 24-28" Zones 4-8

fragrant clusters of bright deep red flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 4-8

'White Flame'
dwarf; masses of pristine white flowers
Height: 12-18" Zones 4-8

subulata (Creeping Phlox; Moss Phlox):
'Amazing Grace': 2qt/275pot-5.99
white flowers with red-centers
Height: 6" Zone 3-8

'Apple Blossom': 2qt/275pot-5.99
soft apple blossom pink flowers,
Height: 2-6" Zone 2-9

'Atropurpurea': 2qt/275pot-5.99
wine red flowers
Height: 6" Zone 2-9

'Candy Stripe': 2qt/275pot-5.99
pink stripe, white flowers
Height: 6" Zones 2-9

'Crimson Beauty': 2qt/275pot-5.99
rosy red flowers
Height: 6" Zone 2-9

'Drummon's Pink': 2qt/275pot-5.99
deep pink flowers
Height: 5" Zone 3-8

'Emerald Blue': 2qt/275pot-5.99
emerald blue flowers
Height: 6" Zone 2-9

'Emerald Cushion Blue': 2qt/275pot-5.99
pale lavender-blue flowers
Height: 4-6" Zone 3-8

'Fort Hill': 2qt/275pot-5.99
fragrant, dark pink flowers
Height: 6" Zone 2-9

'Millstream Daphne': 2qt/275pot-5.99
clear pink w/dark eye
Height: 6" Zone 3-9

'Oakington Blue': 2qt/275pot-5.99
dark blue flowers
Height 6" Zone 3-9

'Purple Beauty': 2qt/275pot-5.99
rose-purple flowers
Height: 3-5" Zone 3-8

'Red Wings': 2qt/275pot-5.99
brightest scarlet flowers
Height: 6" Zone 3-9

'Scarlet Flame': 2qt/275pot-5.99
scarlet to Magenta pink flowers
Height: 6" Zone 3-9

'Snowflake': 2qt/275pot-5.99
white snowflake flowers, compact
Height: 6" Zone 3-9

'White Delight: 2qt/275pot-5.99
large pure white flowers
Height: 6" Zone 3-9

PHYSALIS (Chinese Lantern)
alkekengi: 6"sq-5.99
bright orange to red paper like lanterns
Height: 18-24" Zone 2-10

PHYSOSTEGIA (Obedient Plant)
viginiana :
'Chrystal Peak White': 1gal-5.99
dwarf variety; classy white flower spikes
Height: 16-18" Zones 2-9

'Miss Manners': 1gal-5.99
pure white snapdragon-like flowers
Height: 18-30" Zone 3-9

'Pink Manners': 1gal-5.99
pink snapdragon-like flowers
Height: 24-36" Zones 3-9

'Vivid': 1gal-5.99
lavender-pink flower spikes
Height:12-24" Zone 3-9

PLATYCODON (Balloon Flower)
'Album': 6"sq/1gal-7.99
white balloon like flowers open to stars
Height: 12-24" Zone 3-8

'Double Blue': 1gal-7.99

'Mariesii': 6"sq/1gal-7.99
blue ballon like flowers open to stars
Height: 18-24" Zone 3-8

'Sentimental Blue': 6"sq/1gal-7.99
blue balloon like flowers, compact growth
Height: 6-10" Zone 3-8

'Shell Pink': 6"sq/1gal-7.99
light pink balloon like flowers, open to stars
Height: 12-24" Zone 3-8

PLUMBAGO (see Ceratostigma)

POLEMONIUM (Jacob's Ladder)
caeruleum: 6"sq/1gal-5.99
deep blue blooms, bright green leaves
Height: 18-24" Zone 4-8

'Bressingham Purple': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-9.99
light purple flowers, glossy foliage
Height: 15-18" Zone 4-8

'Brise d'Anjou': 6"sq/1gal-9.99
variegated foliage, stays nice spring to frost
Height: 18-20" Zone 3-7

'Snow & Sapphires': 6"sq/1gal-9.99
fragrant, sky-blue flowers, variegated foliage
Height: 24-30" Zone 3-7

'Sonia's Bluebells': 1gal-7.99
lightly scented, light blue flowers
Height: 32" Zones 4-7

reptans 'Stairway to Heaven': 6"sq/1gal-7.99
intense blue flowers, dramatic foliage
Height: 12-24" Zone 3-7

reptans 'Touch of Class': 6"sq/1gal-9.99
pink buds form pale blue flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 3-7

POLYGONATUM (Solomon's Seal)
odoratum (Variagated Solomon's Seal):
variegated foliage, creamy white flowers
Height: 24" Zone 3-9

POTENTILLA (Cinquefoil)
x 'Arc En Ciel': 1gal-5.99
large semi-double orange-red flowers
Height: 14-16" Zones 3-8

nepalensis 'Miss Wilmott': 1qt-3.99; 1gal-7.99
pink flowers with red centers
Height: 12" Zone 5-8

thurberi 'Monarch's Velvet': 1gal-7.99
mounding habit; raspberry red flowers
Height: 12-16" Zones 4-9

PRIMULA (Primrose)
x polyanthus 'Pacific Giant Mix': 4.5"sq-3.99;
soft pastels to brilliant hues
Height: 12" Zone 3-8

PRUNELLA (Self Heal)
'Summer Daze': 1gal-7.99
masses of vibrant, rich pink flowers
Height: 18" Zones 4-9

'Bertram Anderson': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99
gentian blue flowers, spotted foliage
Height: 8-10" Zone 3-9

'Cevennensis': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99

Height: 12-18" Zone 3-8

'David Ward':1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99
coral red flowers, spotted foliage
Height: 12-24" Zone 4-9

'Excalibur': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99
long leaf, rose pink flowers
Height 8-12" Zone 3-8

'Majeste': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99
silver gray leaves, pink buds, blue pink bells
Height: 8-12" Zone 4-8

'Mrs. Moon': 1qt-5.99; 6" sq/1gal-7.99
pink flowers turn blue
Height: 10-12" Zone 3-9

'Raspberry Splash': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99
very floriferous & robust selection; pink blooms
Height: 10-12" Zones 3-9

'Smokey Blue': 1qt-5.99; 6"sq/1gal-7.99
blue flowers, spotted foliage
Height: 12-14" Zone 3-9

PULSATILLA (Pasque Flower)
vulgaris 'Blaue Glocke': 1qt-5.99; 2qt/6"sq-7.99
violet-purple flowers over fern-like foliage
Height: 10-12" Zone 3-8

vulgaris 'Rote Glock': 1qt-5.99; 2qt/6" sq-7.99
gorgeous, velvety, wine-red flowers
Height: 15" Zone 4-8

PYRETHRUM (Painted Daisy) (CHRYSANTHEMUM coccineum; TANACETUM coccineum)
'Garden Treasure': 1gal-5.99
maroon-pink, double-crested flowers
Height: 12" Zones 3-7

'James Kelway': 1gal-5.99
scarlet red flowers with gold center
Height: 18" Zones 3-7

'Robinson's Crimson': 1gal-5.99
yellow-eyed, crimson-red daisies
Height: 18" Zones 3-8

'Robinson Mix': 1gal-5.99
pink, rose, red flowers, fine divided foliage
Height: 16-18" Zone 4-7

RODGERSIA (Rodger's Flower)
aesculifolia (Fingerleaf Rodgersia): 1gal-7.99
massive foliage, fluffy flower spikes
Height: 36" Zone 5-7

aesculifolia 'Rubrifolia': 1gal-7.99
bronze foliage; large white astilbe-like flowers
Height: 35-39" Zones 3-9

henrici 'Cherry Blush': 1gal-7.99
leaves turn bronze spring & fall; pink flowers
Height: 36" Zone 4-8

'Dark Poker': 1gal-9.99
wrinkled, bronze-green leaves; pink-red flowers
Height: 36-39" Zones 5

pinnata (Featherleaf Rodgersia):
6"sq-7.99; 1gal-7.99
creamy pink flowers, massive foliage
Height: 3-4' Zone 5-7

pinnata 'Bloody Mary': 1gal-9.99
dark foliage; red buds (spring); dark pink blooms
Height: 20-24" Zones 4-7

pinnata 'Chocolate Wings': 1gal-9.99
foliage stays dark longer; rose-red flowers
Height: 3-4' Zones 5-7

pinnata 'Fireworks': 1gal-9.99
bright pink-red flower spikes
Height: 36" Zone 5-7

pinnata 'Hercules': 1gal-9.99
bronze-tinged floiage; pink flowers
Height: 36-42" Zone 4-8

pinnata 'Superba': 1gal-7.99
bronze-green leaves; creamy to dark pink flowers
Height: 35-47" Zones 4-9

RUDBECKIA (Orange Coneflower)
'Cherry Brandy': 1gal-5.99
deep red to maroon daisies with dark center cone
Height: 20-24" Zones 5-8

'City Garden': 1gal-9.99
height challenged 'Goldsturm'; prolific blooms
Height: 12" Zone 4-10

'Early Bird Gold': 1gal-7.99
blooms earlier and longer into the season
Height: 15-24" Zones 3-9

fulgida : 1gal-5.99
yellow-orange daisies with dark center cone
Height: 24-36" Zones 4-8

'Goldsturm': 1gal-5.99; 2gal-7.99; 4gal-9.99
black seed head, orang yellow petals
Height: 24-30" Zone 4-10

'Indian Summer': 1gal-5.99
huge yellow daisies with brown center cone
Height: 36-42" Zones

'Little Goldstar': 1gal-7.99
forms a dome of starburst shaped golden flowers
Height: 14-16" Zones 4-10

'Pot of Gold': 1gal-9.99
shorter, more compact form of Goldstrum
Height: 24" Zones 4-10

'Prairie Sun': 1gal-5.99
daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow & gold
Height: 8-36" Zones 4-9

'Rustic Colors': 1gal-5.99
yellow daisies with red, orange, & bronze shades
Height: 18-23 Zones 5-9

'Tiger Eye Gold': 1qt-3.99
showy bright orange gold blossoms
Height: 16-24" Zone 5

'Viette's Little Suzy': 1gal-7.99
showy medium yellow flowers
Height: 12-14" Zone 4-8

nitida (Shining Coneflower):
'Herbstsonne': 1gal-9.99
bright yellow flowers, green center
Height: 5-6' Zone 5-9

subtomentosa (Sweet Coneflower):
'Henry Eilers': 1gal-7.99
quill-looking yellow rays; brown center-dome
Height: 3-5 ft Zones 4-8

SAGINA (Pearlwort)
subulata (Irish Moss):1 qt-3.99 2qt-5.99
moss-like, green groundcover
Height: 2-4" Zone 4-7

subulata 'Aurea' (Scotch Moss): 1 qt 3.99
moss like, neon-yellow
Height: 2-4" Zone 4-7

SALVIA (Meadow Sage)
greggii hybrid 'Ultra Violet': 1gal-7.99
showy violet-pink flowers
Height: 18-20" Zones 6-9

nemerosa (syn. x superba):
'Blue Hill': 1gal-5.99
closest to true blue, tall spiky flowers
Height: 16-20" Zone 3-8

'Caradonna': 1gal-7.99
purple flower stems, bright blue flowers
Height: 24-30" Zone 3-8

'Chrystal Blue': PW 1gal-9.99
light sky blue flower spikes
Height: 18-20" Zones 3-8

'East Friesland': 6"sq/1gal-5.99
vibrant violet purple flower spikes
Height: 16-18" Zone 3-8

'Endless Love': 1gal-7.99
violet-blue flower spikes; compact upright plants
Height: 22" Zones3-8

'May Night': 1gal-5.99
deep violet-purple flower spikes, top performer
Height: 18" Zone 3-8

'Marcus': 1 gal-7.99
violet blue flowers, green gray foliage
Height: 12" Zone 3-10

'New Dimension Blue': 1gal-7.99
blue-violet flowers on deep purple stems
Height: 14-18" Zones 4-8

'New Dimension Rose': 1gal-7.99
rose pink flowers on pinkish purple stems
Height: 14-18" Zones 4-8

'Rosenwein' : 1gal-7.99
rose-pink to rose-red flower spikes
Height: 12-18" Zone 4-8

'Sensation Deep Blue': 1gal-7.99
dwarf; soft dark blue flower spikes
Height: 12" Zones 4-8

'Sensation Rose': 2qt-7.99
brilliant rose-pink flower spikes
Height: 10-12" Zone 4-9

'Sensation Sky Blue':1gal-7.99
dwarf variety; blue violet flower spikes
Height: 9-10 Zones 3-8

'Sensation White': 1gal-7.99
pure white flower spikes on compact plants
Height: 11-13" Zones 3-8

'Snow Hill': 6"sq/1gal-5.99
Pure white flower spikes, dense foliage
Height: 20" Zone 3-8

pratensis 'Eveline': 1gal-7.99
large, two-toned light pink and purple flowers
Height: 25" Zone 3-8

verticillata 'Purple Rain': 1gal-5.99
smoky purple flowers, bushy plant
Height: 24" Zone 4-9

SAPONARIA (Soapwort)
ocymoides (Rock Soapwort): 1qt-3.99; 1gal-5.99
small sprays create a carpet of pink flowers
Height: 8" Zone 3-7

'Highlander Rose Shades': 2qt-5.99
mounding; kaleidoscope bloom of pink shades
Height: 6" Zones 5-7

'Purple Robe': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
carmine red flowers, mat forming
Height: 10" Zone 4-9

SCABIOSA (Pincushion Flower)
'Beaujolais Bonnets': 1gal-5.99
mauve pink flowers with deep burgundy center
Height: 24" Zones 5-9

'Butterfly Blue': 1gal-5.99
lavender-blue, pincushion-like flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 3-9

'Fama': 2qt-5.99
Sky blue flowers, pincushion center
Height: 24" Zone 4-9

'House Hybrids': 2qt-5.99
Blue, white, lavender mix, pincushion center
Height: 15-18" Zone 3-8

'Pink Mist': 1gal-5.99
pincushion-like, pink flowers, hints of lavender
Height: 12-18" Zone 3-9

'Ritz Blue': 1gal-5.99
miniature scabiosa; dainty, sky blue flowers
Height: 6-8" Zones 5-8

'Ritz Pink': 1gal-5.99
miniature scabiosa; dainty soft pink flowers
Height: 6-8" Zones 5-8

SEDUM (Stonecrop)
'Autumn Charm'('Lajos'): 1gal-7.99
variegated sport of 'Autumn Joy'
Height: 14-18" Zones 3-9

'Autumn Delight': 1gal-7.99
yellow leaves w/blue green margin, pink flower
Height: 18-24" Zone 3-9

'Autumn Fire': 1gal-7.99
brightly colored rosy flowers, fall/winter interest
Height: 24-30" Zone 3-9

'Autumn Joy': 1gal-7.99; 2gal-9.99
deep rose flowers, age to beautiful bronze
Height: 24" Zone 3-9

'Carl': 1gal-7.99
large clusters of brilliant magenta pink flowers
Height: 18" Zones 3-9

'Cherry Tart': 2qt-5.99
cherry-red foliage; pink flower clusters
Height: 6-8" Zones 3-9

'Dazzleberry': 1qt-3.99; 1gal-5.99
brilliant raspberry flowers above blue-gray foliage
Height: 6-9" Zones 3-8

'Firecracker':1 gal-7.99
groundcover; burgundy foliage with pink flowers
Height: 6" Zones 4-9

'Flaming Carpet': 6"sq-7.99
Angelina, Blue Spruce, & Voodoo combo
Height: 6-8" Zones 3-9

hybridum 'Czar's Gold': 1qt-3.99
yellow flower, matting green foliage
Height: 6-12" Zone 4-8

kamtschaticum 'Variegatum': 1gal-5.99
variegated white margins, yellow flower
Height: 4" Zone 4-9

'Lemonjade': PW1gal-9.99
unique yellow floered variety
Height: 16-18" Zones 3-9

'Lidakense': 275pot/1gal-5.99
Blue foliage, brilliant pink flowers
Height: 10-12" Zone 3-9

'Lime Zinger': 2qt/6"sq-5.99
green leaves with red edge
Height: 6-8" Zones 3-9

'Maestro': PW1gal-7.99
large eye-catching rich mauve pink blossoms
Height: 24-30" Zones 3-9

'Matrona': 1gal-7.99
dark bluish-green leaves, rosy pink edges
Height: 15" Zone 3-9

'Mini Joy': 1gal-7.99
shorter compact version of Autumn Joy
Height: 15" Zones 3-9

'Mr. Goodbud': 1gal-7.99
large clusters of purple-pink flowers
Height: 16" Zones 3-9

'Munstead Dark Red': 1gal-7.99
crimson-rose flower heads
Height: 18-24" Zones 3-9

'Neon': 1gal-7.99
truly vibrant deep rose pink flower clusters
Height: 18" Zones 3-9

'Pure Joy': PW1gal-9.99
low sieboldii type; bubblegum-pink flowers
Height: 10-12" Zones 3-9

'Purple Emperor': 1gal-7.99
dark reddish-purple foliage, dusty rose flowers
Height: 16" Zone 3-9

'Sunset Cloud': 1gal-7.99
masses of rose red flowers above purple foliage
Height: 6-8" Zones 3-9

'Thundercloud': 1gal-5.99
dwarf upright with white to pink flowetr clusters
Height: 10-12" Zones 4-9

'T Rex': 1gal-7.99
Most rigidly upright sedum; pale rose pink flowers
Height: 24-28" Zones 3-9

'Xenox': 1gal-7.99
dark burgundy foliage; rose flowers
Height: 20-24" Zones 3-9

reflexum 'Blue Spruce': 275pot-5.99
blue-green foliage; yellow flowers
Height: 5" Zones 3-11

repestre 'Angelina': 1qt-3.99; 1gal-5.99
needle-shaped golden yellow foliage
Height: 3-6" Zone 3-11

sexangulare: 2qt-5.99
green foliage, yellow flowers
Height: 4" Zone 5-9

sieboldii (October Daphne): 2qt-5.99
low spreading mound; bright pink flowers
Height: 6-10" Zones 3-9

sieboldii 'Mediovariegatum': 1gal-7.99
variegated October Daphne; soft pink flowers
Height: 6-8" Zones 4-9

spurium 'Dragon's Blood': 1 qt 3.99 1gal-5.99
brilliant red flowers, bronze red foliage
Height: 4-6 Zone 4-9

spurium 'Fulda Glow': 1gal-7.99
ground cover; improved 'Dragon's Blood'
Height: 4" Zones3-9

spurium 'John Creech': 1qt-3.99
ground cover; green foliage and pink flowers
Height: 2" Zones 3-9

spurium 'Red Carpet': 1 qt 3.99 ;2qt-5.99
ground cover; red tinged foliage; red flowers
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-9

tetractinum 1qt-3.99
round green foliage, yellow flower cluster
Height: 3" Zone 4-8

x 'Vera Jameson': 1gal-5.99
mahogany-red foliage, pink flowers
Height: 12" Zone 3-9

'Weihenstephaner Gold': 275pot-5.99
ground cover; green foliage; yellow flowers
Height: 4-6" Zones 3-9

SEMPERVIVUM (Hens & Chicks)
'Braunii': 200/275-5.99
dark green rosettes; unique pink flowers
Height: 3-4" Zones3-8

'Cobweb': 200/275-5.99
fine white threads crisscross blue-green rosettes
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-8

'Piloseum': 200/275 pot-5.99
gray-greeen succulent rosettes; pink flowers
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-9

'Purple Beauty': 200/275-5.99
rosettes of green, purple-tipped succulent leaves
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-8

'Red Beauty': 200/275-5.99
rosettes of succulent grey-green leaves (red tips)
Height: 3-4" Zones 2-8

'Red Cobweb': 1qt-3.99
green and red succulent leaves with cobweb
Height: 3-4" Zones 4-8

'Rocknoll Rosette': 200/275pot-5.99
deep orange to wine red medium sized rosettes
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-8

'Ruby Heart': 200/275 pot -5.99
pointed blue-green leaves with rosy red base
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-8

'Sanford Hybrids': 200/275pot-5.99
rosettes of succulent deep red pointed leaves
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-8

'Silverine': 200/275pot-5.99
rosettes of pointed purple blushed silvery leaves
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-8

SIDALCEA (Checker Mallow)
'Elsie Heugh': 1gal-5.99
light pink spires of hollyhock-like flowers
Height: 24-30" Zones 5-7

'Party Girl': 1gal-7.99
rose pink, saucer flowers w/white center
Height: 24-48 Zone 5-7

SISYRINCHIUM (Blue-Eyed Grass)
'Laverne': 6"sq-7.99
clusters of blue flowers with yellow eyes
Ht: 6-12" Zones 4-8

STACHYS (Lamb's Ear, Wooly Betony)
byzantina 'Fuzzy Wuzzy': 1gal-5.99
dense carpet of soft, fuzzy silvery grey leaves
Height: 8" Zones 4-8

byzantina 'Helene von Stein': 2qt-5.99
huge wooly silver foliage
Height: 12-15" Zone 4-8

byzantina 'Silver Carpet': 1gal-5.99
leaves are velvety soft, silver foliage
Height: 6-8" Zone 4-8

monieri 'Hummelo': 1 gal-7.99
puckered green foliage w/ pale pink blooms
Height: 14-16" Zone 4-8

officinallis 'Pink Cotton Candy': 1gal-7.99
two-toned dark and pink flowers
Height: 18-24" Zones 4-9

'Silver Carpet': 2qt/275pot-5.99
leaves are velvety soft, silver foliage
Height: 6-8" Zone 4-8

tatarica 'German Statice': 1gal.-5.99
light airy flower stalks, star flowers
Height: 18" Zone 3-9

STOKESIA (Stoke's Aster)
'Blue Danube': 1gal-5.99
large lavender-blue 4-5" flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 5-9

'Honeysong Purple': 1gal-7.99
royal purple flowers with a hint of red
Height: 14" Zone 5-9

'Klaus Jelitto': 1gal-7.99
powder blue flowers, deep green foliage
Height: 12-18" Zone 5-9

'Peachie's Pick': 1gal-7.99
long blooming; lavender blue flowers
Height: 18" Zones 5-9

'Purple Parasols': 1gal-7.99
light blue flowers changing to violet purple
Height: 18-20" Zone 5-9

updated 4/30/2016