TANACETUM (Pyrethrum)
coccineum (Painted Daisy):
'Garden Treasure': 1gal-5.99
Maroon-pink, double-crested flowers
Height: 12" Zones 3-7

'James Kelway': 1gal-5.99
scarlet flower petals w/gold center
Height: 18" Zone 3-7

'Robinson's Hybrid': 1gal-5.99
scarlet flower petals w/gold center
Height: 24-36" Zone 3-7

TEUCRIUM (Wall Germander)
chamaedrys: 1gal-7.99
rose lavender to pinkish purple flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 5-9

THALICTRUM (Meadow-rue)
aquilegifolium: 1gal-5.99
airy pink flowers, columbine like foliage
Height: 36-48" Zone 5-8

aquilegifolium 'Thundercloud': 1gal-9.99
fluffy clusters of mauve-purple flowers
Height: 42" Zone 5-9

delavayi 'Hewitt's Double': 1gal-7.99
airy foliage, double lavender flowers
Height: 46" Zone 4-7

THERMOPSIS (False Lupine)
caroliniana (Carolina Lupine): 1gal-7.99
bright yellow flowers
Height: 30-48" Zone 3-9

THYMUS (Thyme)
coccineum (Creeping Thyme):
4"rd/4.5"sq-3.99; 1gal-5.99
showy, profuse rose red flowers
Height: 3" Zone 4-9

citriodorus (Lemon Thyme): 4"rd/4.5"sq-3.99
lemon scented foliage, green foliage
Height: 2" Zone 5-8

citriodorus 'Aureus' (Golden Lemon Thyme):
variegated lemon thyme, upright, bushy habit
Height: 4-8" Zone 4-9

citriodorus 'Argenteus' (Silver-edged Thyme):
lilac flowers, silver edged foliage
Height: 6-12" Zone 4-9

praecox 'Pink Chintz': 4"rd-3.99
pink flowers; wooly evergreen foliage
Height: 1-3" Zone 4-9

pseudolanuginosus (Wooly Thyme):
small wooly foliage, groundcover
Height: 3" Zone 4-9

serpyllum (Mother of Thyme): 3"sq-3.99
rose-red flowers, thick mats
Height: 3" Zone 4-9

vulgaris (English Thyme): 4.5"sq-3.99
tiny aromatic leaves, groundcover
Height: 4-8" Zone 4-8

TIARELLA (Foamflower)
cordifolia (heartleaf foamflower): 2qt-5.99
spikes of white flowers
Heights: 6-12" Zones: 3-8

'Appalachian Trail': 2qt-7.99
rapidly trailing groundcover; dark marked leaves
Height: 6" Zones 4-9

'Brandywine': 2qt-5.99
bold creamy white foamflowers
Height: 8-12" (12-18" in flower) Zones 4-8

'Crow Feather': 2qt-7.99
colorful variegated foliage; light pink flowers
Height: 8-12" Zones 4-9

'Dark Star': 2qt-7.99
dark veined leaves; white flowers
Height: 6-10" (12-18" in flower) Zones 4-9

'Elizabeth Oliver': 2qt-7.99
light pink flowers; red streaked leaves
Height: 12-15" Zones 4-8

'Happy Trails': 2qt-7.99
cascading groundcover; panicles of white flowers
Height: 9" Zones 4-9

'Iron Butterfly': 2qt-7.99
attractive foliage; bottlebrush white flowers
Height: 8" (flowers to 16") Zones 4-9

'Jeepers Creepers': 2qt-7.99
cut green foliage w/striking purple inner
Height: 12" Zone 4-9

'Lehigh': 2qt-7.99
deeply lobed leaves (maroon markings)
Height: 4-6" (12-15" in flower) Zones 4-9

'Octoraro': 2qt-7.99
good native ground cover; creamy pink flowers
Height: 4-6" Zones 4-9

'Oregon Trail': 2qt-7.99
rapidly trailing groundcover; deeply lobed leaves
Height: 4" Zones 4-9

'Running Tapestry': 2qt-7.99
vigorus running groundcover; white flower spikes
Height: 6-10" (12-15" in flower) Zones 4-8

spikes of snow-white foamflowers
Height: 6-12" Zones 4-8

'Bilberry Ice': 1gal-7.99
white flowers with blue centers (purple stamens)
Height: 12-18" Zones 5-8

'Concord Grape': 1gal-7.99
purplish-blue flowers; contrasting yellow stamens
Height: 9-12" Zones 4-7

'Marielle': 1gal-7.99
large blue eye-catching flowers
Height: 14" Zones 3-9

'Sweet Kate': 6"sq-7.99
deep blue flowers; golden yellow foliage
Height: 18" Zones 5-8

'Zwanenburg Blue': 1gal-7.99
blue-violet flowers with sulphur-yellow stamens
Height: 18-24" Zones 3-9

'Blue Wonder': 1 gal-7.99
light blue flowers with heavy blue-purple spotting
Height: 18-24" Zones 5-9

'Dark Beauty': 2qt-7.99
lavender-mauve flowers (purple spotting)
Height: 30-40" Zones 4-8

'Gilt Edge': 1 gal-7.99
small lily-like white flowers (purple spotting)
Height: 12-18" Zones 4-8

formosana 'Samaurai': 6"sq-7.99
plum-purple orchid-like flowers
Height:12-18" Zone 4-8

erectum (Red Wake-Robin): 6"sq-5.99
deep red flowers
Height: 6-12" Zones 4-7

grandiflorum (Snow Trillium): 6"sq-5.99
flowers open white fade to pink
Height: 18-24" Zones 3-7

TRITOMA (see Kniphofia)

TROLLIUS (Globeflower)
'Earliest of All': 1gal-7.99
bright yellow, showy plant
Height: 12-24" Zone 3-7

'Golden Queen': 1gal-7.99
golden orange bowl shaped flowers
Height: 24-36" Zone 3-7

'Orange Princess': 1gal-7.99
finely cut foliage, beautiful orange
Height: 18-24" Zone 3-7

VERNONIA (Ironweed)
glauca: 1gal-7.99
lettermannii 'Iron Butterfly': 1gal-7.99

VERONICA (Speedwell)
austriaca (Austrian Spikewell):
'Baby Bomb': 6"sq-7.99
tightly bunched blue plumes
Height: 10-12" Zones 4-8

'Bicolor Explosion': 6"sq-7.99
two-tone violet flowers streaked with blue
Height: 15-18" Zones 4-8

'Blue Bomb': 1gal-7.99
bright blue flower spikes
Height: 12-15" Zones 4-8

'Crater Lake Blue': 6"sq-5.99
vibrant lake blue flowers
Height: 12-18" Zone 4-8

'Royal Blue': 2qt-5.99
gentian blue flower spikes
Height 12-18" Zone 3-9

'Eveline': 1gal-5.99
rose-purple flowers, dark green foliage
Height: 20-22" Zone 4-8

'Georgia Blue':
1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99; 1gal-5.99
bushy plant, green foliage blue round flowers
Height: 6-10" Zone 4-9

'Waterperry': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
groundcover, small light blue flowers
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-8

repens (Creeping Speedwell):
'Sunshine': 1qt-3.99; 6"sq-5.99
soft carpet of golden foliage; showy blue flowers
Height: 1-4" Zones 4-9

spicata (Spiked Speedwell):
'Baby Blue': 2qt-7.99
Dwarf ; very floriferous; dark blue flowers
Height: 8-12" Zones 3-8

'Blue Charm': 1gal-5.99
tiny lavender blue flower spikes
Height: 12-18" Zone 3-8

'Enchanted Indigo': 1gal-7.99
compact clump of deep royal blue flowers
Height: 16-18" Zones 4-8

'Fairytale': 1gal-7.99
spikes of light pink flowers with darker stamens
Height: 14-16" Zones 4-9

'Hocus Pocus': 1gal-7.99
long wands of violet-purple flowers
Height: 16-20" Zones 4-9

'Icicle': 6"sq-5.99
flower spikes of tiny, pure white flowers
Height: 18-24" Zone 4-9

'Pink Panther': 1gal-7.99
violet-pink flower spikes
Height: 22" Zones 4-7

'Purpleicious' 1gal-7.99
dark purple flower spikes, lush dark green foliage
Height: 12-24" Zone 4-8

'Red Fox': 6"sq/1gal-5.99
pinkish red flower spikes resemble fox tails
Height: 12-18" Zone 3-8

'Royal Candles': 2qt-7.99
violet-blue spikes dart above deep green foliage
Height: 15-18" Zone 4-8

'Sunny Border Blue': 1gal-5.99
violet-blue spikes, dark green, crinkly foliage
Height: 18-24" Zone 4-8

'Sweet Lullaby': 1gal-7.99
pure baby pink flower spikes; compact habit
Height: 6" Zones 4-8

'Tidal Pool': 1gal-5.99
short groundcover type; bright violet-blue flowers
Height: 2-3" Zones 4-8

'Very Van Gogh': 1gal-7.99
radiant, paintbrush-like, rosy purple flower spikes
Height: 18-20" Zones 4-8

'Waterperry': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
groundcover, small light blue flowers
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-8

'Apollo': 1gal-7.99
long spikes of lilac rose flowers
Height: 3-4 ft Zones 3-8

'Erica': 1gal-7.99
red buds open to tiny, pale pink flowers on spikes
Height: 36-40" Zone 4-8

'Fascination': 1gal-7.99
narrow, lilac-rose flower spikes
Height: 4-5 ft Zones 3-8

'Lavender Towers': 1gal-7.99
light purple flower spikes
Height: 4-5ft Zones 4-8

'Roseum': 1gal-7.99
light rose flower spikes
Height: 30-36" Zone 4-9

VINCA (Trailing Myrtle, Periwinkle)
minor: 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99; 6-pak-7.99; 1gal-9.99; half flat-16.99; full flat-32.99
dark green leaves, lavender blue flowers
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-9

'Atropurpurea': 1qt-3.99/1gal-9.99
rosy red blooms, green foliage
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-9

'Bowles': 1qt-3.99/1gal-9.99
large, deep blue flowers, shiny leaves
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-9

'Emily Joy': 1qt-3.99/1gal-9.99
white flowers w/pale pink blush glossy foliage
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-9

'Ralph Shugert': 1qt-3.99/1gal-9.99
intense blue flowers, variegated foliage
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-9

VIOLA (Violets)
'Black Magic' : 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
clump forming blanketed with black flowers
Height: 6-8" Zone 4-8

'Columbine' : 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
white flowers w/streaked lilac lavender tones
Height: 6-10" Zone 4-8

'Etain': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
pale lemon yellow blossoms w/lavender-purple
Height: 6-8" Zone 5-8

'Irish Molly': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
maroon-brown with hint of violet, middle petals
Height: 6-8" Zone 5-8

labradorica (Labrador Violet): 1qt-3.99; 2qt/6"sq-5.99
green leaves w/purple blush, purple flowers
Height: 3-6" Zone 2-10

'Painted Porcelain': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
white blossoms w/ lavender-purple
Height: 6-8" Zone 5-8

'Purple Showers': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
vibrant purple, clump forming
Height: 6-8" Zone 5-8

'Rebecca': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
lemon yellow center w. flecked deep violet
Height: 8-10" Zone 5-8

'Starry Night': 1qt-3.99; 2qt-5.99
dusky lavender purple flowers with yellow center
Height: 6-8" Zone 5

WALDESTEINIA (Barren Strawberry)
ternata: 275pot-5.99
yellow five petaled flowers, inedible fruit
Height: 4-6" Zone 4-8

YUCCA (Spanish Bayonet)
filamentosa 'Adam's Needle': 1gal-19.99
green leaves, showy flower
Height: 36" Zone 4-10

filamentosa 'Bright Edge': 1ga1-9.99
green leaves with bright golden-yellow edges
Height: 24-36" Zone 4-10

filamentosa 'Excalibur': 1gal-9.99
spikey, sword-like blue/grey-green leaves
Height: 18-24" Zones 4-10

garrettii (Orange Carpet): 1gal-7.99
low growing; small scarlet-orange trumpet blooms
Height: 3-4" Zones 3-9
udpated 4/30/2016