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Cornus seicea
Fast growing. Upright growth habit. Its foliage is dark green. Dark reddish-purple stems in winter. Sun to shade. Z2.

 Cornus kousa chinensis
View Photo'Flowering Dogwood'(h20'/w20')
Dark green foliage changing to reddish-purple-scarlet in fall. Creamy white flowers appear in late May. Drought and disease resistant. Sun to part shade. Z5.

Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
View Photo'Harry Lauder's Walking Stick'(h8'/w8')
Stems and leaves are twisted and curled, highly prized for its winter form. Tolerates a wide range of soils. Sun to part shade. Z4.

Cotinus coggygria
'Greenleaf & Purple Smokebush'(h15'/w12')
Translucent foliage, gray feathery flowers giving an appearance of smoke. Sun to part shade. Z5. (Not guaranteed)

Cotoneaster apiculata
View Photo'Cranberry'(h2'/w5')
Similar to 'praecox', but with smaller berries. Sun to part shade. Z4.

Cotoneaster horizontalis
View Photo'Perpusilla'(h2'/w3')
A more refined selection. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'Tom Thumb'(h12"/w2')
A more compact, and smaller species. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View PhotoCytisus
Unmatched in beauty when in flower in early summer. Grassy-like dark green stems. Flowers pink, red, or yellow. Sun. Z5. (Not guaranteed)

 Daphne x burkwoodi
View Photo'Carol Mackie'(h3'/w4')
Clusters of fragrant light pink flowers in May. Foliage is green rimmed in gold. Sun to part shade. Z5.

Elaeganus umbellta
'Autumn Olive'(h10'/w6')
Silvery green foliage. Sweet scented yellowish flowers in May. Scarlet fruit in fall. Tolerates dry soil. Sun to part shade. Z3.

Enkianthus  campanulatus
View Photo'Red Vein'(h12'/w8')
Cream-colored bell shaped flowers have faint red veins in summer. Nice red fall foliage. Needs acidic soil. Sun to part shade. Z5.

 Euonymus alata 'Compactus'
View Photo'Dwarf Burning Bush'(h6'/w8')
Dwarf, rounded shrub. Compact branching habit. Bright red fall foliage. Sun to shade. Z4.

Euonymus  fortunei
Low growing, irregular growth habit. May climb or sprawl, depending on pruning practices. Sun or shade. Z4.

View Photo'Emerald Gaiety'(h3'/w3')
Deep green leaves with irregular white margins.

View Photo'Emerald N' Gold'(h3'/w3')
Deep green leaves with irregular yellow margins.

Deep green leaves.

View Photo'Moonshadow'(h2'/w4')
Bright yellow coloration in center of deep green leaves with glossy margins.

 Forsythia x intermedia
Upright, spreading habit. Deep golden flowers appearing along the stems. Always shows first sign of spring. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo Fothergilla major
Rounded, multi-stemmed shrub. Dark green foliage. Beautiful orange-red-yellow fall coloration. Lightly fragrant white flowers. Sun to part shade, Z5.

Hibiscus syriacus
View Photo'Rose Of Sharon'(h12'/w8')
 An upright shrub or small tree, growing broader at the top. Large, exotic, saucer shaped flowers in late summer. Sun. Z5.

Low growing, rounded shrub. Large snowball flowers in summer changing from green to white. Sun to shade. Z4.

 Hydrangea macrophylla
View Photo'Nikko Blue'(h5'/w5')
Large green foliage. Large rounded flowers from  July to August. Flowers are blue in acidic soil, pink in alkaline. Proper fertilizing is recommended. Sun to part shade. Z5.

View Photo'Pia' Pink Elf

 Hydrangea paniculata
'Grandiflora' (Pee Gee) (h8'/w8')
Upright shrub or tree. 12-18" long white flowers turn purplish-pink with age, in late summer. Its flowers are great for drying. Sun to shade. Z4.

View PhotoLimelight

View Photo'Tardiva'(h8'/w8')
Upright shrub or tree. 6" long flowers turn purplish-pink with age, in September. Nice dark green foliage. Sun to shade. Z4.

      'Tree Form'

View Photo Ilex galabra 'Compacta'
Erect, rounded shrub. Small, glossy, green foliage. Blue berries in late summer. Sun to shade. Z4.

 Ilex x meserveae 'Holly'
View Photo'Blue Prince'(h8'/w5')
Lustrous deep green-blue foliage. Male pollinator for 'Blue Princess'.

View Photo'Blue Princess'(h8'/w5')
Broad, rounded female evergreen. Beautiful deep blue foliage. Abundant large red berries in winter. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'China Boy'(h6'/w6')
Glossy green foliage. Male pollinator for 'China Girl Holly'. Z4.

View Photo'China Girl'(h4'/w4')
Compact, mounded female holly. Glossy green foliage. Red berries during winter. China Holly takes to shearing well. Sun to shade. Z4.