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Ilex verticullata 'Winterberry'
View Photo'Red Sprite'(h8'/w8')
An upright, dwarf shrub. Displays an abundance of red berries in fall. Good for wet areas. Needs pollinator. Sun to part shade. Z3.

View Photo'Jim Dandy'(h8'/w8')
A male pollinator for' Red Sprite'. Sun to part shade. Z3.            

 View PhotoItea virginica 'Sweetspire'
'Henry's Garnet'(h4'/w5')
Long green foliage in summer changing to brilliant reddish purple in autumn. Loads of white flowers in June that are slightly fragrent. Sun to part shade. Z5.

View Photo'Little Henry'(h3'/w3')
Similar to 'Henry's Garnet' but smaller and more compact. Sun to part shade. Z5.

 Juniperus chinensis 'Juniper'
View Photo'Blue Point'(h12'/w6')
Upright, pyramidal growth habit. Nice blue needled foliage. Sun. Z4.

'Old Gold'(h4'/w5')
Graceful, compact, lacy growth. Knockout yellow in spring, Bronze-gold foliage in winter. Sun. Z3.

View Photo'Sergent'(h2'/w6')
A nice low growing shrub, with lust green foliage. Retains its lust green color throughout the winter.  Sun. Z3.             

View Photo'Sea Green'(h6'/w6')
Fountain-like arching branches. Mint green foliage. One of the most popular junipers. Sun. Z3.

Juniperus horizontalis
View Photo'Bar Harbor'(h10"/w6')
Bluish green foliage, turning purple in winter. Discovered in Bar Habor, ME. Sun. Z2.

'Plumosa compacta' (Andorra)(h18"/w4')
A dense, flat spreading habit. Light green foliage in summer.  Assumes a purplish to bronze tinge in winter. Sun. Z3.

View Photo'Wiltonii' (Blue Rug)(h6"/w6')
Very flat growing with trailing branches. Foliage is silvery blue, turning purple in winter. A very popular ground cover. Sun. Z2.

View PhotoJuniperus procumbens 'Nana'
Compact, mat forming with branches layering on top of each other. Foliage is a green-blue. Great for 'japanese gardens' Sun. Z3.

 Juniperus scopolorum
Grey-blue foliage. One of the narrowest forms of upright junipers. Sun. Z4.

'Whicita Blue'(h12'/w5')
Foliage is a bright silver-blue, and retains this color all year. Sun. Z3.

Juniperus squamata
'Blue Star'(h2'/w3')
Low, rounded, irregular growth habit, giving a star shaped outline. Densely branched. Rich blue color. Sun. Z4.

Juniprus squamata

View PhotoHolger

View PhotoJuniprus virginiana

View PhotoBlue Arrow

'Grey Owl'(h3'/w6')
Soft silvery-gray foliage. Sets an abundance of fruit in late summer. Sun. Z4.

 Kalmia latifolia
'Mt. Laurel'(h8'/w8')
Dark shiny green leaves throughout the year. Clusters of pink, white, or red flowers in June. Will mix well in any garden. Can windburn if left unprotected in open areas. Part sun to shade. (Not guaranteed)

 Kolkwitzia amabilis
View Photo'Beauty Bush'(h8'/w8')
 Blooms profuse pink flowers in early June. Reddish fall foliage. A tough plant. Sun. Z4.

Ligustrum vicaryi
View PhotoGolden Privet'(h5'/w5')
A vase shaped, multi-stemmed shrub. Its foliage is a golden yellow throughout the summer.