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 Magnolia x loebneri 
View Photo'Leonard Messel'(h15'/w8')
An upright rounded form.  One of the hardiest of all Magnolias.  Lilac pink flowers with a deep purple line on the center of the petals.  Sun to part shade. Z4.

Magnolia stellata 'Star'
Multi-stemmed, compact growth habit.  Its white petaled flowers with a tinge of pink on the outside open flat, 5.5"across. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'Royal Star'(h15'/w10')
A compact rounded form with deep green foliage turning yellow in fall.  Produces large double white flowers 3" across.  Sun to part shade. Z4

Microbiota dicussata
View Photo‘Russian Cypress’(h12”/w4’)A low growing shrub with green, cedar like foliage, growing in vertical sprays. A good groundcover for tough spots in shade. Part sun.

 Philidelphius x virginalis ‘Mock Orange’

View Photo‘Minnesota Snowflake’(h8’/w6’)
A hardy compact shrub covered with double white flowers in spring.  Very fragrant.

Picea abies ‘Spruce’

‘Norway Spruce’(h50-80’/w25-30’)Fast growing, broad upright sprucewith bright green foliage. Sun. Z2.

View Photo‘Nidiformis’ (Bird’s Nest Spruce) (h3/w3’)
A low growing, broad shrub with light green foliage.  Good for foundations or as an accent plant.  A sunken center gives it a nest-like appearance. Sun. Z2.

Picea glauca ‘Conica’

View Photo‘Dwarf Alberta Spruce’(h8’/w4’)
A slow growing evergreen shrub with grass-green foliage.  Natural pyramidal form.  Requires no trimming.  Grows 2-4” per year. Sun. Z3.

Pieris floribunda

‘Brouwer’s Beauty’(h4-5’/w5’)
 Dark green foliage. Its new foliage is yellow-green. Drooping clusters of white flowers in spring. Sun to part shade.  Z5.

 Pieris japonica

View Photo‘Mountain Fire’
An upright grower dark glossy green foliage.  Its new foliage first appears a brilliant red, making this plant unique.  Drooping clusters of white flowers show in spring. Part sun to part shade. Z5. (Not Guaranteed)

 Pinis mugo ‘Pumilio’

View Photo‘Dwarf Mugo Pine’(h3-8’/w3-8’)
A compact shrub, dark green foliage, dwarf globular form.  Great in foundations, rockery plantings, or any place in the landscape. A healthy shearing once a year is needed. Sun. Z3.

Potentilla fruticosa ‘Cinquefoil’

View Photo‘Abbotswood’(h4’/w4’)
Bright green foliage, lovely pure white flowers all summer. Sun. Z3

View Photo‘Goldfinger’(h4’/w4’)
Broad mounding form, deep green foliage, very large golden yellow flowers all summer. Sun. Z3

View Photo‘McKay’s White’(h4’/w4’)
Similar to ‘Abbotswood’ but slightly larger growth habit. Sun. Z3.

‘Pink Whisper’(h4’/w4’)
Slow growing, light pink flowers. Sun. Z3.

View PhotoSunset’(h3’/w4’)
A good spreading habit, dark green foliage, deep red-orange flowers through the summer. Sun. Z3

Compact grower, blooms with coppery orange to deep yellow. Sun. Z3

Prunus cerasifera ‘Plum’

 Dark purple foliage through out the summer. Pale pink flowers in spring. Sun. Z5.

 Dark purple foliage during summer. Fragrant pink flowers in early spring. Sun. Z5.

Prunus x cistena

View Photo‘Purple leaf Sancherry’(h10’/w6-8’)
An upright branching shrub, with striking reddish-purple foliage all summer. Delicate pale-pink flowers in spring. Sun. Z2.

 Prunus glandulosa ‘Rosea’

View Photo‘Pink Flowering Almond’(h5’/w4’)
An upright growing shrub, light green-grey foliage, double pink flowers in spring. Sun. Z4.

Please refer to our separate rose catalogue.

All broadleaf Rhododendrons prefer acidic, well-drained soil, growing in sun to part shade. Blooming time is from early-May to mid-June depending on the cultivars.

Large Leaf

‘Bessie Howell’(h5’/w7’)
 Burgundy-red flowers. Grows wider then tall. Z5.

‘Boule De Neige’(h4’/w4’)
 Pure white flowers. Compact forming. Z5.

 Deep purple flower buds open to lavender. Round dense shape. Z5.

‘Catawabiense Album’(h8’/w8’)
 Flower buds are lilac opening to white with yellow blotch. Z4.

‘Catawabiense Grandiflorum’(h8’/w8’)
 Large lilac flowers. Long blooming. Z5.

 White flowers with yellow centers. Compact growth habit. Z5.

‘English Roseum’(h8’/w8’)
Rose-pink flowers. Z4.

‘Janet Blair’(h6’/w6-8’)
 Pink flowers. Large dark green leaves. Z5.

 Light lavender flowers. Dense forming growth habit. Z4.

‘Nova Zembla’(h8’/w8’)
 Very popular. Red flowers. Z5.

‘Purpureum Elegans’(h7’/w7’)
 Dark purple flowers. Z5.

‘Roseum Elegans’(h8’/w8’)
 Lilac-pink flowers. One of our most hardy large leafed Rhode’s. Z4.

 Attractive pink flowers. Large dark green leaves. Z4.