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Spiraea x bumalda
View Photo'Anthony Waterer'(h5'/w5')
New foliage is brownish-red changing to a bluish -green. Carmine pink flower clusters appear in June to August.  Foliage changes to reddish-purple in fall.  A good long blooming shrub. Sun. Z3.

Deeply serrated and crinkled foliage.  New reddish foliage combine nicely with yellow variegated branches which display pink flowers in June to August when pruned. Sun. Z4

View Photo'Goldflame'(h5'/w5')
Foliage is bright gold developing tips of orange to copper with pink flowers.  Trim lightly and the bright foliage and flowers will appear again. Sun. Z4

Spiraea x Goldmound
View Photo'Goldmound'(h30" /w3')
Produces a low mound of golden-yellow foliage with pink flowers in June and July. Holds color well all season. Sun. Z4.

Spiraea japonica
View Photo'Little Princess'(h30"/w3')
A compact, dense shrub with small foliage and pink flowers all summer.  Attractive groundcover or sprcimen plant. Sun. Z4.

View Photo'Magic Carpet'
Foliage is red-orange-yellow. Flowers are pink. Low mounding growth habit.Sun. Z4.

Spiraea x Neon Flash
View Photo'Neon Flash'(h5'/w5')A dense mounded shrub, purple new growth changing to green. Flowers are vivid red spring to late fall. A good long blooming shrub. Sun. Z4.

Spiraea nipponica
View Photo'Snowmound'(h4-5'/5')
An excellent dwarf shrub with dark bluish-green foliage, with masses of pure white flowers in May. Sun to part shade. Z4.

Spiraea x Vanhouttei
View Photo'Van houtte'(h8'/w8')
An open graceful branching habit of growth. Pure white flowers in May. Fast growing. Sun to part shade. Z4.

Syringa meyeri 'Lilac'
View Photo'Dwarf Korean Lilac (palibin)'(h4-5'/w5-6')
A compact dwarf lilac with unique small foliage. A profuse bloomer with lavender flowers. Sun to part shade. Z5.

Syringa patula 'Lilac'
View Photo'Miss Kim'(h6'/w5')
A dwarf lilac, dark glossy freen foliage turning burgundy in fall. Fragrant icy flowers bloom in late May when other lilacs have finished. Sun to part shade. Z4.

Syringa vulgaris hybrids 'Lilac'
View Photo'Charles Joly'(h10'/w8')
Double, purple red flowers with rich fragrance in late spring. Sun to shade. Z3.

'Common Purple'(h12'/w10')
                The most popular of all Lilacs. Fragrant purple flowers in May. Makes a good hedge or screen. Sun to shade. Z3.

'Donald Wyman'(h8'/w6-8')
                Reddish-purple flowers. A late blooming Lilac. Sun to part shade. Z3.

'James MacFarlane'(h8'/w6-8')
                Bright pink flowers blooming later then most Lilacs. Can withstand moist conditions. Sun to part shade. Z2.

View Photo'Ludwig Spaeth'(h12'/w8')
Single, dark purple in late spring. The darkest purple lilac. Sun to part shade. Z3.

'Madame Lemoine'(h10'/w8')
Double, white flowers. A vigorous grower. Sun to part shade. Z4.

'President Grevy'(h12'/w8')
Double, blue, huge spikes of bloom. A vigorous grower. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'President Lincoln'(h10'/w10')
The best single blue. Heavy flowering. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'Sensation'(h10'/w8')
Exquisite single purple florets, uniquely edged in white. Sensational! Sun to part shade. Z4.

Taxus cuspidate 'Yew'
Pyramidal form with rich, dark green needles. Dense, slow growing. Shears well. Sun to shade. Z4.

Taxus x media 'Yew'
Compact, globe habit, fine textured needles. Sun to shade. Z4.

View Photo'Densiformis'(h4'/w4')
Broad spreading Yew with a dense, full shape. Easily maintained in desired form. Sun to shade. Z4.

View Photo'Hicksii'(h12'/w8')
Dark green columnar Yew makes excellent choice for hedges because of its uniform habit. Sun to shade. Z4.

Thuja occidentalis 'Cedar' or 'Arborvitae'
View Photo'Emerald' (Smaragd)'
Emerald green foliage color holds well all year on a narrow, compact pyramidal form. Good for slow growing, narrow hedges. Rarely needs pruning. Sun to part shade. Z4 

View Photo'Holmstrup'
Attractive semi-dwarf, narrow pyramidal form. Retains good dark green color all year. Sun to part shade. Z3.

'Nigra (Dark American)'
Dense, pyramidal form. Dark green heavy textured foliage.  Makes an excellent large hedge or screen. Sun to part shade. Z3.

View Photo'Rheingold'
Slow growing, globe to broadly conical evergreen with dense needle-like foliage. Golden-orange color. Sun. Z3.

View Photo'Techny'
Broad pyramid form. Excellent dark green foliage all year round. Perfect for medium sized hedges or screens. Slow growing. Sun to part shade. Z3.

Rich green foliage. Retains its globe shape without pruning. Very common. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'Yellow Ribbon'
Very dense, semi-dwarf pyramidal cedar.' Retains its bright golden yellow color throughout the year. Sun. Z4.

Viburnum lantana
A compact, upright grower. Glossy dark green foliage turning orange-red in Autumn.  Abundant creamy white flowers appear in May. Orange-red fruit appears in mid-July, changing to black in September. Sun to part shade. Z4.

 Viburnum opulus 'Nana'
'Dwarf European Cranberry'
Excellent compact shrub for small plantings. Foliage is light green turning maroon-red in fall. Requires no trimming. Sun to part shade. Z3.

View PhotoViburnum plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii'
'Maries Doublefile'
Distinct horizontal branching forms a rounded habit. Dark green foliage changes to reddish purple in fall. Flat-topped 3-4" flowers are displayed above foliage in mid-May. Sun to shade. Z5.

Viburnum trilobum
View Photo'American Cranberry'
A dense, round-topped shrub with white flowers in May. Green foliage turns deep red in fall. Scarlet berries last well into winter. Sun to shade. Z2.

Weigela florida
View Photo'Minuet'
Dwarf compact form with purple tinged dark green foliage. Its slightly fragrant flowers are dark ruby red. Sun. Z4.

View Photo'Java Red'
Loosely branched, light green foliage. Bright red flowers. Sun. Z4.

'Pink Princess'
Spreading habit. Profuse bright pink flowers. Sun. Z4.

View Photo'Wine & Roses'
Upright grower. Dark burgundy-purple leaves. Hot pink flowers contrast well with foliage. Leaf color intensifies as autumn approaches. Sun. Z4.