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Perennials A-B

ACHILLEA (Yarrow) ○◓

x  ‘Coronation Gold’: 1gal-7.99

gold/orange shaded flowers

Height 30-36”  Zone 3-8

x  ‘Moonshine’: 1gal-7.99

canary yellow flowers, silver foliage

Height 18-24”  Zone 3-8

x ‘Little Moonshine’: 1gal-7.99

bright yellow flowers, grey-green foliage

Height 12-14” Zone 4-8

millefolium (& millefolium hybrids)

‘Apricot Delight’: 1gal-7.99

pink to pale apricot to near red flowers

Height: 12-24”  Zone 4-8

‘Fireland’: 1gal-6.99

brick red flowers fading to deep orange

Height: 24-36”  Zone 3-8

‘Paprika’: 1gal-6.99

red apple and paprika flowers w/ yellow clusters

Height: 24” Zone 3-8

‘Peachy Seduction’: 1gal-7.99

flattened clusters of  bright peach-pink flowers

Height: 18-24”            Zones 4-8

‘Pink Grapefruit’: 1gal-7.99

large deep-pink flower heads

Height: 21-23”  Zone 3-8

‘Pomegranate’: 1gal-7.99

rich pomegranate flowers, holds color well

Height: 18-24”  Zone 4-8

‘Red Beauty’: 1gal-6.99

stunning red flowers, aromatic foliage

Height: 12-24”  Zone 3-8

‘Royal Tapestry’:  1gal-6.99

deep purple lavender flowers w/white centers

Height: 12-24”  Zone 3-8

‘Saucy Seduction’:  1gal-7.99

rosy-pink flower clusters with white shading

Height: 18-24”    Zones4-8

‘Strawberry Seduction’:  1gal-7.99

strawberry red flowers with gold centers

Height: 18-24”        Zone 3-8

‘Summer Berries’: 1gal-7.99

multi-colored flowers, grey-green foliage

Height: 18-24” Zone 3-9

‘Sunny Seduction’:  1gal-7.99

bright yellow flower heads

Height:  24-30”       Zones 4-8

‘Terra Cotta’: 1gal-6.99

salmon-peach, orange, pale yellow flowers

Height: 36”  Zone 3-8

‘Wonderful Wampee’:  1gal-7.99

rich pink to apple blossom pink clusters

Height: 24”     Zones 3-8

ACONITUM (Monkshood) ○◓

‘Blue Lagoon’: 1gal-6.99

short variety with bright blue flowers

Height: 10-12”      Zoes 4-8

‘Stainless Steel’: 1gal-7.99

large metallic blue blooms, loose branched spikes

Height: 36-42”  Zone 3-8


‘Album’: 1gal-6.99

tall spikes of ivory white flowers

Height: 36-48”  Zone 4-9


AEGOPODIUM ○◓ (Goutweed; Bishop’s Weed; Snow on the Mountain)

podagraria ‘Variegatum’:  4”sq-4.99; 2qt-6.99

variegated foliage, tiny creamy white flowers

Height: 6-10”  Zone 3-8

AGASTACHE (Anise-Hyssop)

‘Black Adder’: 1gal-7.99

bottlebrush stocks, light blue flowers purple stock

Height: 30-36”  Zone 6-9

‘Blue Fortune’: 1gal-7.99

bottlebrush stocks, lavender blue

Height: 24-36”  Zone 4-9

foeniculum ‘Golden Jubilee’: 1gal-7.99

masses of lavender- blue flower spikes

Height: 20”    Zone 6-9

rupestris (Sunset Hyssop):  1gal-7.99

deep orange flowers on rose purple buds

Height: 18-24”  Zone 6-9

AJUGA (Bugleweed) ○◓●

‘Black Scallop’: 1qt-4.99

glossy near black scalloped leaves, dense

Height: 3-6” Zone 4-10

reptans ‘Bronze Beauty’: 4.5”rd-4.99; 1gal-6.99

deep purple bronze in full sun, blue flowers

Height 4”  Zone 3-9

x tenorii ‘Chocolate Chip’: 4.5”rd-4.99

small, chocolate purple and green narrow leaves

Height: 4”  Zone 3-10  

ALCEA (Hollyhock) ○◓

ficifolia ‘Singles Mix’: 1gal-6.99

saucer-shaped flowers;  mix of colors

Height: 4-6 ft.        Zones 3-7 ft

rosea (Common Hollyhock):1qt-4.99; 1gal-6.99

‘Blackknight’(Spotlight Series)

truly perennial; deep black-purple single flowers

Height: 5-6 ft       Zones 3-9

‘Chater’s Dbl. Mix’

white, yellow, pink, red, purple double flowers

Height: 4-6 ft         Zones 2-7

‘Chater’s Dbl. Pink’

sturdy spikes of ruffled fully double pink flowers

Height: 4-6 ft            Zones 2-7

‘Chater’s Dbl. Purple’

spikes of ruffled fully double purple flowers

Height: 4-6 ft            Zones 2-7

‘Chater’s Dbl. Red’

sturdy spikes of ruffled fully double red flowers

Height: 4-6 ft            Zones 2-7

‘Chater’s Dbl. Yellow’

spikes of ruffled fully double yellow flowers

Height: 4-6 ft             Zones 2-7

‘Crème de Cassis’

showy white &raspberry red semi-double flowers

Height: 5-6 ft             Zones 3-8

‘Mars Magic’(Spotlight Series)

truly perennial; bright red single flowers

Height:  5-6 ft            Zones 3-9


spikes of deep maroon,almost black single flowers

Height: 5-6 ft              Zones 2-9

‘Polar Star’ (Spotlight Series)

truly perennial; white single flowers

Height: 5-6ft             Zones 3-9

‘Queeny Purple’

short; only pure purple hollyhock available

Height: 20”                 Zones 3-9

‘Sunshine’ (Spotlight Series)

truly perennial; bright yellow single flowers

Height: 5-6ft        Zones 3-9

ALCHEMILLIA (Lady’s Mantle) ◓●

mollis ‘Auslese’: 1gal-6.99

grey-green foliage; bright charteuse flowers

Height: 12-16”        Zones 3-8

mollis ‘Thriller’: 1gal-6.99

grey-green foliage; bright chartreuse flowers

Height: 12-24”         Zones 3-8

ALLIUM (Ornamental Onion) ○◓

‘Blue Eddy’: 1gal-9.99

round-shaped clusters of light blue flowers

Height: 8-12”        Zones 4-8

giganteum (Giant Onion): 1gal-9.99

purple, softball sized globes

Height: 40-60”  Zone 5-8

‘Globemaster’: 1gal-9.99

six to eight inch globes of deep violet

Height: 32”  Zone 4-10

‘Millenium’: 1gal-9.99

large 2’’ round clusters of blue-purple flowers

Height: 15-20”      Zones 5-8

ALYSSUM (Madwort) ○◓

montanum ‘Mountain Gold’: 2qt-6.99

a mat of gold clustered flowers

Height: 4-6”  Zone 3-9

saxatile ‘Compacta’ (Basket of Gold):

1qt-4.99; 2qt-6.99

masses of gold compact clusters, grayish leaves

Height: 6-8”  Zone 3-7

AMSONIA (Blue Star Flower) ○◓

hubrichtii: 1gal-7.99

pale blue star shaped flowers, narrow leaves

Height: 30-36”  Zone 3-9

hybrid ’Blue Ice’: 6”sq-7.99

bright pale blue star like flowers

  • Height: 12-15”    Zones 5-9

tabernaemontana:  1gal-7.99

compact, clump forming, blue star like flowers

Height: 24-36”  Zone 4-9

ANCHUSA (Alkanet) ○◓

capensis ‘Blue Angel’:  1qt-4.99;   6”sq-6.99

ultra marine blue flowers, bushy habit

Height: 6-12”  Zone 3-9

ANEMONE (Windflower) ○◓

‘Honorine Jobert’: 2qt/1gal-7.99

single white blooms w/dark green foliage

Height: 36-42”  Zone 4-9

‘Pamina’: 1gal-7.99

very large double purplish pink flowers

Height: 24-36”  Zone 4-9

‘Pink Saucer’: 1gal-7.99

large rosy-pink flowers with yellow stamens

Height: 24-36”        Zones 4-9

‘Pretty Lady Diana’: 1gal-7.99

compact plants with 2” wide pink flowers

Height: 16”           Zones 5-9

‘Prince Henry’:  1gal-7.99

semi-double, deep rose-pink flowers

Height: 18-24”        Zones 5-9

‘Queen Charlotte’:  1gal-7.99

large 3 inch double flowers w/soft pink tone

Height: 24-36”  Zone 4-9

‘Robustissima’: 2qt/1gal-7.99

soft pink single blooms w/yellow centers

Height: 36-42”  Zone 4-9

‘September Charm’: 2qt/1gal-7.99

single blooms of pink w/bright yellow centers

Height: 24-36”  Zone 4-9

sylvestris: 1gal-7.99

pure white flowers w/bare stems divided foliage

Height: 12-15”  Zone 3-8

‘Whirlwind’:  2qt/1gal-7.99

large 4 inch semi double flowers,  yellow centers

Height: 36-48”  Zone 4-9

ANTHEMIS ○◓ (Golden Marguerite; Golden Chamomile)

tinctoria ‘Kelwayi’: 1gal-6.99

daisy like sunny yellow flowers w/fragrant foliage

Height: 18-24” Zone 3-7

AQUILEGIA (Columbine) ○◓●

alpina ‘Alpine Blue’: 2qt-7.99

combination of blue & white flowers, or just blue

Height: 12-18”  Zone 5-9

canadensis (Canadian Columbine): 1gal-7.99

nodding yellow & red flowers

Height: 18-24”   Zone 3-8

‘Biedermeier’: 1gal-7.99

compact blue and white cultivar

Height: 9-12”      Zones 3-9

‘Black Barlow’: 1gal-7.99

near black fully double spurless flowers

Height: 24-30”            Zones 3-8

’Blue Barlow’: 1gal-7.99

fully double deep violet, spurless flowers

Height: 23-30”            Zones 3-8

‘Blue Bird’ : 1gal-7.99

white petals w/light blue sepals, blue green foliage

Height: 24-30”  Zone 3-9

‘Bluejay’: 1gal-7.99

blue and white flowers, golden stamens

Height: 24-30”  Zone 3-9

‘Blue Star’:  1gal-7.99

long-spurred blue flowers (white inner petals)

Height: 24-30”               Zones 4-9

‘Cameo Mix’: 1gal -7.99

blue green foliage w/pink and white flowers

Height: 6”  Zones 3-9

‘Cardinal’: 1gal-7.99

long-spurred, dramatic red white bicolor blossoms

Height: 24-28”  Zone 3-9

‘Clementine Blue’: 1gal-7.99

large bright blue fully double and spurless flowers

Height: 18”         Zones 3-9

‘Clementine ‘Dark Purple’: 1gal-7.99

dark purple, clematis like double blooms

Height: 12-18”  Zone 3-9

‘Clementine Red’: 1gal-7.99

fuchsia-red, spurless, double clematis blossom

Height: 18”  Zone 3-9

‘Crimson Star’ : 1gal-7.99

red, white flowers, yellow stamens

Height: 24-36”  Zone 3-9

‘Dove’: 1gal-7.99

three inch, long-spurred, pure white blossoms

Height: 24-28”  Zone 3-9

‘Goldfinch’:  1gal-7.99

large, pale primrose yellow flowers

Height: 18”     Zones 3-9

‘Leprechaun Gold’: 2qt-7.99

gold & green marbled foliage; purple flowers

Height: 24”        Zones 3-8

‘Mckana Giants Hybrids’:  1gal-7.99

large, showy flowers, long, widely flared spurs

Height: 24-30”  Zone 3-9

‘Robin’: 1gal-7.99

rosy pink, white blossoms, large showy flowers

Height: 30-36”  Zone 3-9

‘Songbird Mix’:  1gal -7.99

deep colored flowers, long lasting

Height: 18-30”  Zone 3-9

ARABIS (Rock Cress) ○◓

caucasica ‘Snowfix’: 1qt-4.99

white flowers, succulent carpet foliage

Height: 4”  Zone 4-7

ARENARIA (Sandwort) ○◓

montana: 1qt-4.99; 6″sq-6.99

glossy green leaves, blanketed w/white flowers

Height: 4-6”  Zone 4-8

ARMERIA (Sea Thrift or Sea Pink)○◓

maritima ‘Splendens’: 1qt-4.99; 6”sq/1gal-6.99

deep pink flowers w/dark green foliage mounds

Height: 6-8”  Zone 4-8

pseudarmeria ’Ballerina Red’: 1gal-6.99

1” round rose red flower clusters

Height : 12-14”      Zones  5-9

ARTEMISIA (Wormwood) ○◓

hybrid ‘Powis Castle’: 1gal-6.99

bushy aromatic silvery foliage

Height: 24-36”   Zone

ludoviciana (White Sage)

‘Silver King’: 4.5″ sq-4.99

upright, silvery gray stems

Height: 24-36” Zone 4-9

schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’: 1gal-7.99

compact, silky, cushion like silver mound

Height: 8-10” Zone 3-7

stelleriana ‘Silver Brocade’: 1qt-4.99; 6”sq/2qt/1gal-6.99

gray white w/felt like leaves, prostrate growth

Height: 6-12” Zone 3-10


ARUNCUS (Goat’s Beard) ○◓

Aethusifolius (Dwarf Goat’s Beard): 2qt-6.99

fine, glossy fern like foliage w/ white spikes

Height: 10-12” Zone 3-7

dioicus: 1gal-7.99

twelve inch creamy, white, feathery plumes

Height: 4-5’ Zone 3-7


ASARUM (Wild Ginger) ◓●

canadense (Canadian Ginger):


flowers hidden under frosty green foliage

Height: 6-8” Zone 2-9

europaeum (European Ginger):


stunning foliage w/glossy leathery green leaves

Height: 6-12” Zone 4-7

ASCLEPIAS (Butterfly Weed)

tuberosa: 1qt-6.99; 1gal-7.99

brilliant orange flowers breaking late dormancy

Height: 24-48” Zone 3-9


tuberosa ‘Gay Butterflies’: 1gal-7.99

flowers in mixture of orange, red, and yellow

Height: 24-28”             Zones 4-10

incarnata (Swamp Milkweed): 1gal-7.99

vanilla scented rose pink flowers bloom 3 months

Height: 3-5’     Zone 3-9


‘Alma Poetschke’ : 1 gal-7.99

deep rose pink flowers, tall leafy stems

Height: 36”            Zone 3-8

‘Believer’: 1gal-7.99

intense bluish purple flowers

Height: 12”               Zone 5-7

‘Day Dream’: 1gal-7.99

blue lavender petals fading into yellow centers

Height: 12-16”       Zone 3-8


‘Henry III’: 1gal-7.99

small, purple pincushion flower

Height: 12”               Zone 5-7


‘Magic’: 1gal-7.99

medium blue purple flowers covering foliage

Height: 12”                 Zone 5-7


‘Magic Pink’: 1gal-7.99

medium pink flowers covering foliage

Height: 12-16”                 Zone 3-8


‘Marie III’: 1gal-7.99

fluffy double deep pink blossoms

Height: 12-18”             Zones 4-9

‘October Skies’ (Aromatic Aster): 1gal-7.99

crushed leaves aromatic; deep sky blue flowers

Height: 15-18”           Zones 5-8


‘Puff’: 1gal-7.99

snow white flowering daisies

Height: 12-23”           Zones 4-9

‘Purple Dome’: 1gal-7.99

deep purple daisy-like flowers (yellow centers)

Height: 18”               Zones 3-8


ASTILBE (False Spirea) ○◓●

All Varieties: 1gal-7.99 (unless otherwise noted)           

(some varieties may not be listed)


arendsii hybrids:


lilac purple plumes, unique standout color

Height: 32-40” Zone 3-8

‘Bridal Veil’

classic white, lacy panicles w/dropped tip

Height: 28” Zone 4-9


‘Burgundy Red’

Dark red plumes; glossy green foliage

Height: 28-42”   Zones 4-8



dark red plumes; dark green foliage

Height: 24”     Zone 4-8



coral pink airy blossoms

Height: 30-36” Zone 4-9



pale pink flower plumes

Height: 24”     Zones 4-8



red plumes, upright spires, popular red

Height: 20” Zone 4-9



rosy lavender flower plumes

Height: 30”   Zone 4-8



carmine red blooms, bronze foliage

Height: 26-30 Zone 3-8


‘Rhythm & Blues’

raspberry pink plumes, dark green foliage

Height: 25” Zone 3-8



clean white flowers on feathery plumes

Height: 26” Zone 4-9


‘Weiss Gloria’

snow white flowers, dense pyramidal plumes

Height: 25-28” Zone 4-9


chinensis (Chinese Astilbe):


dwarf; stiff plumes of lilac pink flowers

Height: 10”             Zones 4-9


‘Purple Candles’

violet red, dense plumes fade w/age

Height: 42” Zone 4-9


‘Sister Theresa’

light pink plumes

Height: 24”   Zones 4-9


thick, upright rigid plumes, sturdy stems

Height: 12-15” Zone 4-9


‘Vision In Pink’

pale pink plumes, dense upright form

Height: 18-20” Zone 4-9


‘Little Vision In Pink’

large deep pink plumes

Height: 14-16” Zone 3-9


‘Vision In Red’

deep red plumes open to pinkish red

Height: 15” Zone 4-9


‘Vision In White’

large white triangular flower plumes

Height: 24”   Zone 4-9



‘Burgundy Red’

rich burgundy red triangular flower plumes

Height: 18-20”       Zones 4-9


‘Younique Carmine’

bunches of fragrant fuchsia-red plumes

Height: 16-20”       Zones 4-9


‘Younique Lilac’

bunches of fragrant lavender-pink plumes

Height: 16-20”       Zones 4-9


‘Younique Silvery Pink’

compact foliage; thick silvery pink plumes

Height: 12-16”     Zone 3-8



pure white, open, lacy plumes

Height: 24-30”     Zones 4-9



soft pink flower plumes

Height: 24”       Zones 4-9



dark red triangular plumes, red stems

Height: 20-24” Zone 4-9

‘Peach Blossom’

delicate peach flowers w/a hint of pink

Height: 24” Zone 4-9


clear rose pink flowers, diamond panicles

Height: 24” Zone 4-9

simplicifolia (Star Astilbe):

‘Hennie Graafland’

shiny, dark green foliage with reddish stems

Height: 18” Zone 3-8

‘Key West’

dark burgundy foliage, carmine red flowers

Height: 16-20 Zone 3-8


‘Key Largo’

kelly green foliage, raspberry pink flowers

Height: 16-28 Zone 4-9

‘Pink Lightning’

dark green foliage, pink nodding flowers

Height: 14-16” Zone 3-8



dwarf, light pink nodding flowers, bronze leaves

Height: 10-12 Zone 3-8


‘Ostrich Plume’

claret red flowers, deeply lobed green leaves

Height: 36-40” Zone 4-9


ASTRANTIA (Masterwort)

carniolica ‘Rubra’: 1gal.-6.99

purple flowers with greenish bracts

Height: 6-12”         Zones 5-7


major ‘Abbey Road’: 1gal-7.99

ruby-maroon flowers

Height: 24” Zones 4-7


major ‘Claret’: 1gal-7.99

dark red flowers, spectacular black stems

Height: 28-30” Zone 4-9


major ‘Hadspen Blood’: 1gal-7.99

deep red flowers

Height: 20”         Zones 4-8


major ‘Roma’: 1gal-7.99

soft pink button form flowers

Height: 24” Zone 4-7


major ‘Rose Symphony’: 1gal-7.99

a symphony of red, pink, and silver shades

Height: 18-24”       Zones 4-8


major ‘Ruby Cloud’: 1gal-7.99

reddish florets; greenish-pinkish bracts

Height: 12-18”           Zones 4-7


major ‘Star of Beauty’:1gal-7.99

red-purple and white flowers

Height: 12-18”         Zones 5-7


major ‘Vanilla Gorilla’: 1gal-7.99

silvery-pink pincushion flowers

Height: 16–23” Zone 4-9


x ‘Moulin Rouge’: 1gal-9.99

exotic, unique flowers, red petals w/dark red tip

Height: 16-18” Zone 4-7


AUBRIETA (Rock Cress) ○◓

deltoides ‘Whitewell Gem’: 1qt-4.99; 6”sq-6.99

purple shaded flowers, grey green leaves

Height: 4-6” Zone 4-9


‘Madly Blue Violet’: PW 4.5”-4.99; 1qt-4.99

blue-violet flowers in spring

Height: 4-6”   Zones 4-9


‘Madly Magenta’: PW 4.5”-4.99; 1qt-4.99

magenta flowers early spring -early summer

Height:   2-4”       Zones 4-9


BAPTISIA (False Indigo) ○◓

australis (Blue Indigo):

2qt-6.99; 1gal-7.99; 1.5gal-9.99

indigo blue flowers, mounded blue green foliage

Height: 3-4’ Zone 3-9


‘Carolina Moonlight’: 1gal-7.99

butter yellow, lupine-like flowers

Height: 3-4′         Zones 4-9


‘Dutch Chocolate’: PW1gal-12.99

rich velvety chocolate-purple flowers

Height: 30-36”         Zones 4-9


‘Purple Smoke’: 1gal-9.99

violet-blue flowers, gray stems

Height: 24-36” Zone 4-9


‘Starlite Prairieblues’: 1gal-9.99

periwinkle blue flower spikes with yellow keels

Height: 36”                   Zones 4-9


‘Twilight Prairieblues’: 1gal-9.99

smoky violet-purple flower spikes (yellow keels)

Height: 42-60”              Zones 4-9


‘Vanilla Cream’: PW1gal-12.99

creamy vanilla flowers atop grey-green foliage

Height: 30-36”                   Zones 4-9


BELLIS (English Daisy) ○◓

perennis: 6”sq-6.99

deep pink, light pink, white, red flowrs

Height: 6-8” Zone 3-9


‘Polar Pink”: PW 4.5”-4.99; 1qt-4.99

pink pompom-like flowers with yellow centers

Height: 4-8”       Zone 4-8


‘Polar Red’: PW 4.5”-4.99; 1qt-4.99

red pompom-like flowers with yellow centers

Height: 4-8”   Zone 4-8


‘Polar White’: PW 4.5”-4.99; 1qt-4.99

white pompom-like flowers with yellow centers

Height: 4-8”     Zone 4-8


‘Speedstar Mix’: 6”sq-6.99

semi-double flowers in a mix of colors

Height: 6”     Zone 4-8


‘Super Enorma’: 6”sq-6.99

very large, fully double flowers (mixed colors)

Height: 6”   Zone 4-8


‘Tasso Strawberries & Cream’: 1qt-4.99;

6” sq-6.99

pink flower with dark red center

Height: 6”     Zone 4-8


BERGENIA (Pig Squeak) ◓●

cordifolia ‘Bressingham Ruby’: 1gal-7.99

big, glossy leathery leaves, maroon crimson

Height: 14” Zone 3-8


cordifolia ‘Eroica’’: 1gal-7.99

deep pink, rose flower, shiny cabbage like leaves

Height: 12-18” Zone 3-8

cordifolia ‘Perfect’: 1gal-7.99

magenta pink flowers, shiny cabbage like leaves

Height: 12-15” Zone 3-8


cordif. ‘Winterglut’(‘Winter Glow’): 1gal-7.99

dark pink flowers; reddish fall/winter foliage

Height: 12-14”       Zones 4-8


BOLTONIA (Star Flower) ○◓

asteroides ‘Pink Beauty’ : 1gal-7.99

hundreds of pink daisy flowers, grey silver foliage

Height: 4-5’ Zone 4-8


BRUNNERA (Alkanet) ◓●

macrophylla (Heartleaf Brunnera):1gal-7.99

baby blue flowers, heart shaped leaves

Height: 12-18” Zone 3-8

‘Alexander’s Great’: 1gal-12.99

king-size specimen; sky blue flowers

Height: 14”         Zone 4-9


‘Dawson’s White’: 1gal-12.99

green/white foliage; small blue flowers

Height: 12-18”         Zones 3-8


‘Hadspen Cream’: 1gal-12.99

cream variegated leaves, small blue flowers

Height: 12-15” Zone 3-8

‘Jack Frost’: 1gal-12.99

crackle like finished leaves, baby blue flowers

Height: 12-15” Zone 3-8

‘King’s Ransom’: 1gal-12.99

“silver and gold” sport of Jack Frost’

Height: 10-12”   Zones 3-8


‘Looking Glass’: 1gal-12.99

leaves of silver patina, wedgewood blue flowers

Height: 12-15” Zone 3-8


‘Mr. Morse’: 1gal-12.99

crisp white flowers; silvery green foliage

Height: 12-15”     Zone 3


‘Silver Heart’: 1gal-12.99

almost solid silver foliage; sky-blue flowers

Height:14-16”   Zone 4

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