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Perennials I-O

IBERIS (Candytuft) ○◓

sempervirens (Evergreen Candytuft):

‘Absolutely Amethyst’: PW1gal-7.99

evergreen groundcover; amethyst purple flowers

Height: 10-12”         Zones 4-9

‘Alexander’s White’: 1gal-6.99

very floriferous

Height: 10-12”     Zones 3-8


‘Little Gem’: 2qt/1gal- 6.99

dwarf evergreen; small, clear white flowers

Height: 5-8”               Zones 3-8


‘Purity’: 1gal-6.99

lustrous green leaves; abundant flowers

Height: 6-9”     Zones 3-8


‘Snowflake’: 1gal-6.99

Height: 8-12”       Zones 3-8


INCARVILLEA (Hardy Gloxinia) ○◓

delavayi: 1gal-6.99

large bright deep pink trumpet-shaped flowers

Height:18-23”           Zones 5-9



cristata (Crested Iris): 2qt-7.99

native dwarf; pale blue with yellow crest

Height: 3-9”             Zones 3-8


chrysographes (Goldvein Iris):

‘Black Form’: 1gal-7.99

elegant velvet-black flowers; narrow green leaves

Height: 20”               Zones 4-9

ensata (Japanese Iris):

‘Imperial Magic’: 1 gal-7.99

white flowers with beautiful purple veining

Height: 28-36”         Zone 4-9


‘Innocence’: 1gal-7.99

white petals with narrow yellow midribs

Height: 24-36”         Zone 5-9


‘Lion King”: 1gal-7.99

large fully double; white with purple edge

Height: 3-4ft     Zones 4-9


‘Mount Fujiyama’: 1gal-7.99

white blooms, yellow flares, delicate veining

Height: 32-34”           Zone 4-9


‘Pink Lady’: 1gal-7.99

clear pink flowers (yellow streaked throat)

Height: 32-36”       Zones 4-9


‘Royal Robes’ 1gal-7.99

large dark purple flowers with yellow eye

Height: 28-36”           Zones 4-9


‘Sensation’: 1gal-7.99

deep velvety purple flowers with gold strokes

Height: 32-36”         Zones 4-9


‘Variegata’: 1gal-7.99

green, white foliage, lavender-blue flowers

Height: 20” Zone 4-8


germanica (German Iris; Tall Bearded Iris):

(some varieties may not be listed)


‘Baltic Star’: 1gal-7.99

deep purple-black with white centers

Height: 30-35” Zone 4-9


‘Batik’: 1gal-7.99

royal purple flowers, spattered white markings

Height: 26” Zone 3-10


‘Blackalicious’: 1gal-7.99

ruffled, velvet-black blooms

Height: 36-48”         Zones 3-9

‘Blue Suede Shoes’:1gal-7.99

deep navy blue ruffled flowers

Height: 36-39”     Zones 3-9


‘Edith Wolford’: 1gal-7.99

canary yellow standards; violet blue falls

Height: 32-35”   Zones 3-9


‘Immortality’: 1gal-7.99

ruffled, soft white self, pale lemon-yellow beards

Height: 29” Zone 3-10


‘Mariposa Skies’: 1gal-7.99

reblooming bi-color (white standards; blue falls)

Height: 30-33”         Zones 3-9


‘Orange Harvest’: 1gal-7.99

slightly fragrant solid orange blooms (re-bloomer)

Height: 30-32”     Zones 3-9


‘Royal Touch’: 1gal-7.99

dark, marine blue-violet flowers

Height: 34-36”               Zones 3-9


‘Savannah Sunset’: 1gal-7.99

glowing cadmium orange; tangerine beard

Height: 36-48”             Zones 3-8

‘Spin Off’: 1gal-7.99

wine with rose (white beard orange tipped)

Height: 32-34”       Zones 3-8


‘Spirit of Memphis’: 1gal-7.99

bright yellow blooms

Height: 24-36”         Zones 3-9


‘Summer Olympics’: 1gal-7.99

yellow standards, yellow falls, white center

Height: 30” Zone 3-8

‘Superstition’: 1gal-7.99

dark black, darkest Iris available

Height: 38” Zone 3-8

‘Supreme Sultan’: 1gal-7.99

orange standards with dark wine-colored falls

Height: 36” Zone 3-8


louisiana (Louisiana Iris)

‘Black Gamecock’: 1gal-7.99

large, velvety deep purple flowers

Height: 36”       Zones 4-9


pallida (Sweet Iris):

‘Albo-Variegata (Zebra Iris): 6”sq/1gal-7.99

fragrant lavender-blue flowers; variegated foliage

Height: 18”     Zones 4-9


‘Aureo-Variegata’ (Zebra Iris): 1gal-7.99

fragrant lavender-blue flowers; variegated foliage

Height: 21-23”       Zones 3-9

pseudacorus (Yellow Flag): 6”sq-6.99

showy bright yellow flowers; spreads quickly

Height: 24-42”           Zones 5-9

pumila (Dwarf Bearded):

‘Boo’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf iris; white flower with purple blotches

Height: 10-12”     Zones 3-9

sibirica (Siberian Iris):

‘Butter & Sugar’: 1gal-7.99

flowers with white standards and yellow falls

Height: 24-30”       Zones 3-8


‘Ceasar’s Brother’: 1gal-7.99

deep violet-purple flowers

Height: 36-40”         Zones 3-8


‘Happy Returns’: 1gal-7.99

violet-blue flowers with heavy gold signal

Height: 22-26”       Zones 3-9


‘Ruffled Velvet’: 1gal-7.99

plum-purple flowers; black & gold center etching

Height: 24-30”       Zones 3-8


‘Snow Queen’: 1gal-7.99

sparkling white flowers; touch of yellow at throat

Height: 40”             Zones 3-9


‘White Swirl’: 1gal-7.99

ivory white flowers; touch of gold at throat

Height: 30”               Zones 3-9    


versicolor (Blueflag Iris): 1gal-7.99

large, violet-blue flowers wlth white accents

Height: 24-36”         Zones 2-7


KALIMERIS (Japanese Aster) ○◓

incisa ‘Blue Star’: 1gal-7.99

small daisy-like pale blue flowers (yellow center)

Height: 12-18”            Zones 5-9

pinnatifida ‘Hortensis’: 1gal-6.99

white, semi-double mum-like flowers

Height: 24-36”         Zones4-9



koreana (Yellow Waxbells): 1gal-7.99

shrub-like species with yellow flowers

Height: 30” Zone 5-9



‘Mars Midget’: 1gal-7.99

small ruby-red button flowers, grey-green leaves

Height: 12-16” Zone 4-9


KNIPHOFIA ○◓(Tritoma; Red Hot Poker)

‘Fire Dance’: 1gal-7.99

hardiest Red Hot Poker; coral-red & yellow

Height: 20”     Zones 4-9


‘Pfitzer’s Hybrid’: 1gal-6.99

fiery orange-red flowers

Height 36-40” Zone 5-10


‘Nancy’s Red’: 1gal. 6.99

dwarf variety; large coral red flowers

Height: 24”         Zones 5-9


LAMIASTRUM ○◓● (Yellow Archangel)

galeobdelon variegatum (Variegated Yellow Archangel): 4″ rd-4.99

groundcover, yellow flowers, hooded petals

Height: 10” Zone 3-8


LAMIUM ○◓ (Dead Nettle)

maculatum (Spotted Dead Nettle):

‘Golden Anniversary’: 4”rd PW-4.99

purplish, mauve pink flowers, varigated foliage

Height: 6-10” Zone 3-8


‘Orchid Frost’: 4”rd PW-4.99

short spiked clear, pale pink flowers

Height: 6” Zone 4-9

‘Pink Chablis’: 4”rd PW-4.99

silver green foliage, pink flowers

Height: 8-12” Zone 4-8


‘White Nancy’: 4″rd PW -4.99

silver leaves, green margin, white flowers

Height: 6” Zone 4-9

LATHYRUS ○◓ (Sweet Pea)

latifolius (Perennial Sweet Pea): 1qt/4.99

rose, pink, and white flowers, vine

Height: 4-6’ Zone 3-8

LAVANDULA (Lavender) ○◓

angustifolia ‘Blue Cushion’: 1gal-7.99

compact variety; dense mass of blue flower spikes

Height: 16”           Zones 5-9


angustifolia ‘Blue River’: 1gal-7.99

compact variety; intense purple flower spikes

Height: 12-14”     Zones 5-9

angustifolia ‘Ellegance Sky’: 1gal-7.99

bushy silvery green foliage; violet-blue flowers

Height: 12”       Zones 5-9


angustifolia ‘Essence Purple’: 1gal-7.99

outstanding performer; bright blueberry flowers

Height: 18”         Zones 5-9

angustifolia ‘Hidcote ‘: 1gal-7.99

violet blue flower, whitish gray leaves

Height: 16”           Zone 5-9

angustifolia ‘Munstead’: 1gal-7.99

lavender flower spikes, fragrant

Height: 12-16         Zone 5-9

angustifolia ‘Silver Mist’: 1gal-7.99

brightest silver foliage of any Lavender

Height: 16-20”     Zones 5-9


angustifolia ‘Sweet Romance’: PW4.5”-6.99

intensely fragrant; violet-purple flower wands

Height: 12-18”       Zones 5-9


x intermedia ‘Grosso’: 1gal-7.99

violet blue flower spikes, sweet fragrance

Height: 24-30”       Zone 5-9


x intermedia ‘Phenomenal’ (‘Niko’): 1gal-7.99

large hedge-type; lavender-purple flower wands

Height: 24-32”        Zones 4-9        

x intemedia ‘Provence’: 1gal-7.99

later bloomer, more disease resistant

Height: 36-48         Zone 5-8

LAVATERA (Tree Mallow) ○◓

olbia ‘Rosea’: 1gal-6.99

gray green leaves, funnel pink flowers

Height: 4-6’           Zone 5-9


thuringiaca: 1gal-7.99

pink flowers, gray green leaves

Height: 4-6’           Zone 5-9

‘Baby Barnsley’: 1gal-7.99

white flowers, red purple inner

Height: 2-3’         Zone 5-8

‘Barnsley’: 1gal-7.99

light pink flowers, red pink eye

Height: 5-6’ Zone 5-9


LEPTINELLA ○◓● (Brass Buttons)


good ground cover for filling in cracks

Height: 2”         Zone 5


LEUCANTHEMUM ○◓ (Shasta Daisies)

‘Aglaia’: 1gal-7.99

shaved coconut, fringed petals, unique

Height: 24-36” Zone 5-9


‘Alaska’: 1gal-6.99

3 inch wide flowers are pure white, yellow centers

Height: 24-36” Zone 4-9


‘Angel Daisy’: 6”sq-7.99

elegant, long season display of white daisies

Height: 18”       Zones 4-9


‘Banana Cream’: 1qt-6.99; PW1gal-9.99

lemon-yellow to butter yellow daisies

Height: 15-18”   Zone 5-9


‘Becky’: 1gal-6.99

large 4″ flowers, heavy bloomer

Height: 24-36”         Zone 5-9

‘Crazy Daisy’: 1gal-6.99

semi to fully double fringed blossoms

Height: 24-28”         Zone 5-9


‘Daisy Duke’ (‘Daisy May’): 1gal-7.99

prolific blooms of white daisies (yellow centers)

Height: 12-24”         Zones 5-9


‘Freak!’: 1gal-7.99

large white flowers with fluffy petals

Height: 10-14”       Zones 4-9


‘Highland White Dream’: 1gal-7.99

very large (4”) semi-double white daisies

Height:24-30”             Zones 5-9


‘Lacrosse’: 6”sq-7.99

white spoon-shaped petals

Height: 10”               Zone 4-9


‘Laspider’: 1gal-7.99

very large, pure white double flowers

Height: 12-14”         Zones 5-9


‘Sante’: 1gal-7.99

shaggy double white flowers

Height: 23-25”        Zones 4-9


‘Spring Silver’: 2qt-7.99

white daisies with yellow button centers

Height: 8-10”   Zone 5-7


‘Snow Cap’: 1gal-7.99

Pure white, single flowers

Height: 12-15” Zone 5-9


‘Switzerland’: 1gal-7.99

one of the longest blooming Shasta Daisies

Height: 24-36”           Zones 5-9

‘Thomas Killen’: 1gal-7.99

double row petals, crested golden centers

Height: 24-30             Zone 5-9


‘White Mountain’: 6”sq-7.99

heavy-flowering producer; white daisies

Height: 12”         Zones 4-9


‘Whoops-A-Daisy’: 1gal-7.99

improvement over Snowcap; large 3-4” flowers

Height: 15”           Zones 5-9

LIATRIS ○◓ (Gayfeather)

microcephala (Dwarf Blazing Star): 1gal-6.99

numerous spikes of tassel-like rosy purple flowers

Height: 18-24”           Zones 4-7


spicata ‘Alba’ (‘Floristan White’): 1gal-6.99

white flower wands, open top to bottom

Height: 36-48”           Zone 3-9

spicata ‘Kobold’: 1gal-6.99

rosy, lavender wands open top to bottom

Height: 18-30”           Zone 3-9



dentata ‘Britt-Marie Crawford’: 1gal-9.99

dark-colored, daisy like orange yellow flowers

Height: 30”               Zone 4-8


dentata ‘Desdemona’: 1gal-7.99

gold flowers, red to bronze green foliage

Height: 3-4’               Zone 4-9

dentata ‘Osiris Café Noir’: 1gal-9.99

intriguing, deep purple foliage

Height: 16-20”             Zone 3


dentata ‘Osiris Fantasie’: 1gal-9.99

olive green foliage flushed with burgundy

Height: 16-20”             Zone 4


dentata ‘Othello’: 1gal-7.99

yellow-orange flowers

Height: 24-36”             Zone 3-8


dentata ‘Twilight’: 1gal-7.99

compact variety; purple leaves; orange flowers

Height: 20-22”             Zones 4-8        

stenocephala ‘Little Rocket’: 1gal-7.99

serrated, heart-shaped leaves, yellow flowers

Height: 3-4’                 Zone 4-9

stenocephala ‘The Rocket’: 1gal-7.99

serrated, heart-shaped leaves, yellow flowers

Height: 5-6’                 Zone 4-9

LINUM (Flax)

perenne ‘Sapphire’: 1qt-4.99; 2qt-6.99

azure-blue flowers finely textured foliage.

Height: 10” Zone 4-8


LIRIOPE ○◓● (Blue Lily-Turf; Monkey Grass)

muscari ‘Big Blue’: 1gal-9.99

abundant rich blue flower spikes

Height: 12-15”       Zones 5-10


LOBELIA (Cardinal Flower) ○◓●

cardinalis: 1gal-6.99

spikes of cardinal red tubular flowers

Height: 24-40”       Zones 3-9


cardinalis: ‘Queen Victoria’: 1gal-6.99

dark maroon foliage; spikes of red tubular flowers

Height: 36-48”               Zone 5-9


siphilitica (Blue Cardinal Flower): 1gal-6.99

once used to treat siphilis; dark blue flowers

Height: 24-40”       Zones 3-9


speciosa: ‘Fan Blue’: 1gal-6.99

spikes of intense blue-violet flowers

Height: 28”           Zones 5-9


speciosa: ‘Vulcan Red’: 1gal-6.99

touted as improvement over ‘Queen Victoria

Height: 24-32”       Zones 6-10

LUPINUS (Lupine) ○◓

Gallery Series: 1gal-6.99

(Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow)

dwarf variety; vivid candle-like flower spires

Height: 18-23”       Zones 4-9


Russell Hybrids Series: 1gal-6.99

(Blue, Mix, Pink, Red, Yellow)       

tall spires of colorful large flowers

Height: 29-39”         Zones 3-9


LYCHNIS (Catchfly; Campion) ○◓

x arkwrightii ‘Orange Gnome’: 1gal-6.99

clusters of scarlet-orange flowers

Height: 12-16” Zone 3-9


chalcedonica ‘Maltese Cross’: 1gal-6.99

bright scarlet, globe like flowers

Height: 4’ Zone 3-9


chalcedonica ‘Lipstick’: 1gal-6.99

large lipstick-red flowers; bronze foliage

Height: 36-48”     Zones 4-8


coronaria: 1gal-6.99

purple-red round flowers on long stalks

Height: 32” Zone 4-8

hybrida ‘Gardener’s World’: 1gal-6.99

rich, red flowers,

Height: 12-24” Zone 4-8

LYSIMACHIA (Loosestrife) ○◓

atropurpurea (Burgundy Loosestrife):

‘Beaujolais’: 1gal-6.99

arching spikes of burgundy-wine flowers

Heights: 24-36”         Zone 5


clethroides (Gooseneck Loosestrife): 1gal-7.99

white flowers, goose neck appearance

Height: 24-36” Zone 3-8


nummularia ‘Goldilocks’: 4”-4.99

shiny golden foliage

Height: 2-4” Zone 3-10

punctata (Yellow Loosestrife): 1gal-6.99

whorled leaves, bright yellow flowers

Height: 18-30” Zone 4-8

punctata ‘Alexander’ (Variegated Yellow Loosestrife): 1gal-7.99

bright gold variegation, bright yellow flowers

Height: 24” Zone 4-8


punctata ‘Golden Alexander’: 1gal-7.99

bright green and gold foliage

Height: 24”     Zone 4-8


MALVA ○◓ (Mallow)

alcea ‘Fastigiata’ (Hollyhock Mallow): 1gal-6.99

profuse, pink blooms, upright well branched

Height: 30-36” Zone 4-9

‘Mauritiana’: 1gal-7.99

mauve purple flowers w/dark veins

Height 36-48”           Zone 5-8


sylvestris ‘Braveheart’: 1gal-7.99

mauve pink with dark purple eye and veins

Height: 3-5ft             Zones 4-8


sylvestris ‘Mystic Merlin’: 1gal-7.99

flowers in shades of mauve, purple, and blue

Height: 24-36”           Zones 4-8


sylvestris ‘Purple Satin’: 1gal-7.99

ruffled burgundy-violet flowers

Height: 3-5ft         Zones 4-8

sylvestris ‘Zebrina’: 1gal-7.99

soft pink flowers w/raspberry pinwheel veins

Height: 24-48” Zone 4-8


MERTENSIA (Virginia Bluebells) ○◓●

virginica: 2qt-7.99

clusters of pendulous, trumpet-shaped flowers

Height: 12-24”         Zones 3-8


MONARDA (Bee Balm, Bergamot) ○◓

didyma (Oswego Tea):

‘Balmy Lilac’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf variety; very mildew resistant

Height: 10-12”             Zones 4-9


‘Balmy Pink’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf variety; very mildew resistant

Height: 10-12”             Zones 4-9


‘Balmy Purple’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf variety; very mildew resistant

Height: 10-12”             Zones 4-9


‘Balmy Rose’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf variety; very mildew resistant

Height: 10-12”             Zones 4-9


‘Purple Lace’: 1gal-7.99

deep purple-red flowers

Height: 12-24”             Zones 4-9


‘Blue Stocking’: 1gal-6.99

tight clusters, violet-purple flowers

Height: 24-36”           Zone 4-9


‘Bubblegum Blast’: 1gal-7.99

vigorous cultivar with hot pink flowers

Height: 24”             Zones 4-9


‘Cherry Pops’: 1gal-7.99

vigorous cultivar; cherry red flowers

Height: 20”           Zones 4-8

‘Claire Grace’: 1gal-7.99

soft lavender, pink flowers

Height: 36”                 Zone 3-8


‘Coral Reef’:   1gal-7.99

sweetly scented salmon-pink flowers

Height: 36”           Zones 3-8

‘Fireball’: 1gal-6.99

compact variety; tubular red-purple flowers

Height: 15-20”      Zones 4-8


‘Grand Marshall’: 1gal-7.99

luminous fuchsia-pink flower clusters

Height: 13-16” Zone 3-8


‘Grand Parade’: 1gal-6.99

glorious purple-pink flowers

Height: 16-18” Zone 3-8


‘Grape Gumball’: 1gal-7.99

vigorous cultivar with vibrant magenta flowers

Height: 20-24”           Zones 4-9


‘Jacob Cline’: 1gal-6.99

large, bright red florets, fragrant

Height: 24-36” Zone 4-9


‘Lilac Lollipop’: 1gal-7.99

vigorous cultivar with lavender lilac flowers

Height: 19”         Zones 4-9


‘Mahogany’: 1gal-7.99

deep wine-red flowers

Height: 24-36”     Zones 4-9


‘Marshall’s Delight’: 1gal-6.99

medium pink flowers, high mildew resistance

Height: 24-36” Zone 4-9


‘Pardon My Pink’: PW1gal-9.99

dwarf; true pink flowers

Height: 10-12”     Zones 4-9


‘Pardon My Purple’: PW1gal-9.99

dwarf; fuchsia purple flowers

Height: 10-12”     Zones 4-9


‘Petite Wonder’: 1gal-6.99

dwarf variety; light pink tubular flowers

Height: 9-10”         Zones 4-8


‘Pink Lace’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf variety; pink flowers with purple centers

Height:12-16”         Zones 4-9


‘Pink Supreme’: 1gal-6.99

dwarf variety; vibrant bright pink tubular flowers

Height: 15”           Zones 4-9


‘Purple Rooster’: 1gal-7.99

true royal purple flowers

Height: 36”           Zones 4-9

‘Raspberry Wine’: 1gal-6.99

wine red flowers, fragrant foliage

Height: 30-42” Zone 4-9

‘Snow White’: 1gal-6.99

snow white flower, fragrant foliage

Height: 24-30” Zone 3-9


‘Karasuba’: 1gal-7.99

bronze-green foliage (red streaks); white bells

Height: 12-16”            Zones 4-9


MYOSOTIS ○◓ (Forget-Me-Not)

sylvatica (Woodland Forget-Me-Not):

‘Bluesylva’: 1qt-4.99

numerous small blue flowers; tight habit

Height: 6-8”               Zones 3-8


‘Rosylva’: 1qt-4.99

carpet of tiny cotton-candy pink flowers

Height: 6-8”               Zones 3-8


‘Royal Blue Compact’: 1qt-4.99

compact dwarf; tiny sky blue flowers

Height: 6-8”             Zones 3-8


‘Snowsylva’: 1qt-4.99

clusters of tiny snow-white flowers

Height: 6-8”               Zones 3-8


‘Victoria Indigo Blue’: 1qt-4.99

abundant deep sky- blue flowers; compact habit

Height: 6-8”                 Zones 3-8


NEPETA (Catmint) ○◓

‘Blue Wonder’: 1gal-6.99

dwarf; dark blue racemes; aromatic foliage

Height:12”                     Zones 3-8


‘Early Bird’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf; earliest blooming of all

Height:10-12”                     Zones 3-9


‘Joanna Reed’: 1gal-6.99

incredibly floriferous; dark purple flowers

Height: 30-36”               Zones 4-9


‘Junior Walker’: 1gal-6.99

low growing; lavender-blue flowers

Height: 18”      Zones 5-9


‘Kit Kat’: 1gal-6.99

dwarf variety; lavender-blue flowers

Height: 15”       Zones 3-8


‘Little Titch’: 1gal-7.99

extremely floriferous, aromatic foliage

Height:8-10”                     Zones 5-9


‘Purrsian Blue’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf variety; tidy habit; periwinkle blue flowers

Height: 14-18”           Zones 3-8


‘Six Hill Giant’: 1gal-6.99

tall, hardy & free flowering; deep violet blue

Height: 36”                 Zones 3-8


‘Souvenir d’Andre Chaudron’: 1gal-6.99

compact; medium to deep violet-blue flowers

Height: 18”                   Zones 3-8


‘Walker’s Low’: 1gal-6.99

named for a garden, not it’s size; a lovely blue

Height: 30”                   Zones 3-8



(Montauk Daisy)

nipponicum: 1gal-7.99

shrubby perennial; large white daisies

Height: 18-36”             Zones 5-9



(Evening Primrose, Sundrop)

berlandieri speciosa (Mexican Evening Primrose): 2qt-6.99

mat forming; fragrant cup-shaped pink flowers

Height: 6-12”               Zones 5-9


‘Siskiyou Pink’: 1gal 6.99

mat forming; pink cup-shaped flowers

Height: 6-12”           Zones 5-9

fremontii ‘Lemon Silver’: 1gal-6.99

loose spreading clump; lemon yellow flowers

Height: 4-6”               Zones 4-7


fruticosa (syn. tetragona) Common Sundrops:

‘Fireworks’: 1gal-6.99

red stems, red buds, and canary yellow flowers

Height: 15-18”           Zones 4-9


‘Sundrops’: 6”sq/1gal-6.99

tough and reliable; bright yellow flowers

Height: 18-24”             Zones 4-9


hybrid ‘Cold Crick’: 1gal-7.99

an ocean of bright yellow happy flowers

Height: 10-12”             Zones 5-9


‘Lemon Drop’: PW1gal-9.99

bright lemon yellow flowers

Height: 8-12”               Zones 5-9


macrocarpa (Missouri Primrose): 1gal-7.99

very large, mildly fragrant bright yellow flowers

Height: 6-12”                  Zones 3-7


missouriensis (Ozark Sundrops): 1gal-7.99

mildly fragrant, canary yellow flowers

Height: 6-12”                   Zones 3-7


ORIGANUM ○◓ (Ornamental Oregano)

‘Kent Beauty’: 1qt-4.99; 6”sq-6.99

Height: 6-9”                 Zones 6-9

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