Shrubs a-c

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Ameleanchier arborea
View Photo'Serviceberry'(h20'/w10')
 Sold in tree and shrub form. Fast growing. Dark green foliage turning brilliant orange to red in fall. White flowers in May. Edible berries. Sun to part shade. Z3.

Andromeda polifolia
View Photo'Bog Rosemary'(h12"/w2')
A low mounding evergreen. A profuse bloomer with delicate light pink flowers in early spring. Grayish-blue-green foliage. Full sun to part shade. Z4.

 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Bearberry'
View Photo'Massachusetts'(h12"/w4')
An evergreen groundcover, small pink flowers in May. Attractive foliage. Drought tolerant. Very durable. Great landscaping potential. Do not fertilize. Full sun. Z2.

View PhotoAzalea

Large flowers in late spring, colors of orange, pink, white, and yellow. Fall foliage combines with flowers to make any landscape interesting. Full sun to part shade. Z4.

View PhotoView PhotoView PhotoView PhotoView Photo'Evergreen'(h5'/w5-7')
 We carry a large variety of assorted colors that bloom from times of early May to June. Our bets selection is in May. Part sun. Z4-Z5. (Not guaranteed)

 Berberis thunbergii 'Barberry'
Vibrant yellow foliage. Provides color contrast to any landscape. Slow growing. Plant in full sun for best color. Z4.

'Golden Bonanza'(h3'/w4')
Same as 'Aurea" but holds its color better in summer.

View PhotoCrimson Pigmy

View PhotoRoyal Burgandy

Berberisthunbergii atropurpurea
'Crimson Pygmy'(h2'/w4')
A dwarf mounding barberry. Foliage is a dark scarlet-crimson. Plant in full sun for best color. Z4.

'Rosy Glow'(h4'/w3')
A colorful shrub with new rose pink foliage mottled and streaked red-purple, eventually turning to a deep crimson purple. Full sun to part shade. Z4.

 'Buddljia davidii
View PhotoView PhotoView Photo'Butterfly Bush'(h5'/w5')
A fast growing shrub. Comes in a variety of colors. Will bloom all summer if spent flowers are removed. A must for all butterfly gardens. Full sun. Z5. (Not guaranteed)

View PhotoView PhotoBuxus microphylla 'Boxwood'
Low growing, global growth habit. Nice glossy dark green foliage throughout the year. Excellent for hedging. Sun to shade. Z5.

 Caryopteris x clandonensis
View Photo'Blue Mist Spiraea'(h3'/w3')
Beautiful silver foliage and powder blue flowers in late summer and fall. Sun. Z5. (Not guaranteed)

Chaenomeles speciosa
View PhotoView Photo'Flowering Quince'(h4'/w5')
Bright red or orange flowers in May, followed by bright red, edible fruit (used in preservatives) in late summer. Sun to part shade. Z5.

Chaemaecyparis obtuse
View Photo'Filicoides'(h12'/w10')
An oriental looking Chamaecyparis with a broad, upright growth habit. Sun. Z5.

Chamaecyparis pisifera cyano-viridis
View Photo'Boulevard'(h10'/w6')
Dwarf, irregular pyramidal shape. Soft, dense, silver-blue foliage. Mixes well in shrub, or perennial borders. Sun. Z5.

Clethra alnifolia
View Photo'Hummingbird'(h3'/w4')
A low, mounding form of Clethra. Glossy green foliage. Fragrant white flowers in summer. Sun to part shade. Z4.

View Photo'Ruby Spice'(h5'/w6')
A shrub of upright growth habit. Dark green leaves changing to yellow in autumn. Fragrant pink flowers in summer. Sun to part shade. Z4.

'Sweet Pepperbush'(h6'/w6')
Upright growth habit. Dark green leaves changing to yellow. Fragrant white flowers in summer. Sun to shade. Z3.

View PhotoSixteen Candles

Cornus alba elegantissma
View PhotoVarigated Red Twig Dogwood'(h8'/w8')
Fast growing. Upright branching habit. Its foliage is light green with large white margins. Showy vivid red stems in winter. Sun or shade. Z2.