Perennials F-H

FESTUCA (Fescue) ○◓

‘Boulder Blue’: 1gal-9.99

clump of intense blue grassy foliage

Height: 12”     Zones 4-8

‘Elijah Blue’: 1gal-9.99

powder blue clumps of grassy foliage

Height: 8”   Zones 4-8


FILIPENDULA (Meadowsweet) ○◓

purpurea ‘Elegans’(Japanese Meadowsweet): 1gal-7.99

showy misty pale pink-white plumes

Height: 3-5ft       Zone 5


rubra (Queen-of-the-Prairie)

`Venusta’: 1gal-7.99

hot pink flowers, North American native

Height: 60-84” Zone 5-8

ulmaria (Queen-of-the-Meadow): 1gal-7.99

4-6” wide creamy white inflorescences

Height: 2-4ft           Zones 3-7


ulmaria ‘Variegata’: 1gal-7.99

yellow center stripes in foliage; white flowers

Height: 2-4ft           Zones 3-7


vulgaris ‘Kahome’ (Dwarf ): 1gal-7.99

fine froth of rosy pink flower panicles

Height: 8-12”       Zones 4-8


FRAGARIA ○◓ (Ornamental Strawberry)

‘Lipstick’: 2qt-7.99

groundcover; deep rose red flowers

Height: 6-8”     Zones 3-8


‘Pink Panda’: 2qt-7.99

pink flowers; groundcover plant

Height: 5”   Zones 5-8


GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower) ○◓


‘Arizona Apricot’: 1gal-6.99

large, apricot flowers with yellow tips

Height: 12”   Zones 3-10


‘Arizona Red Shades’: 1gal-6.99

large, crimson red flowers

Height: 10-12”   Zones 3-10


‘Arizona Sun’: 5.5”sq/1gal-6.99

fiery orange-red blooms, ring tipped w/yellow

Height: 8-10” Zone 3-10


‘Orange & Lemons’: 1gal-7.99

large, peachy orange flowers with yellow tips

Height: 22-26 Zone 5-10


‘Summer Kiss’: 1gal-7.99

blend of pastel yellow, gold, apricot, & salmon

Height: 16-18” Zone 3-9


x grandiflora:

‘Burgundy’: 1gal-6.99

3” wide wine red blossoms

Height: 30”         Zones3-10

‘Fanfare’: 1gal-7.99

upward-facing, scarlet flowers, yellow tips

Height: 18-24” Zone 3-10

‘Goblin’: 6”sq-6.99

Scarlet-red petals with sunny yellow tips

Height: 12” Zone 3-10

‘Mandarin’: 1gal-6.99

large peachy orange flowers with yellow tips

Height: 22-26” Zone 5-10

GALIUM (Sweet Woodruff) ○◓●

odoratum: 1qt-4.99; 2qt-6.99
vigorous ground cover, white star shaped flowers

Height: 6” Zone 4-8


GAURA (Wand Flower) ○◓

‘Bijou Butterflies’: 1gal-7.99

upright stems, covered in pink flowers

Height: 15-26”         Zone 5-9

‘Crimson Butterflies’: 1gal-7.99

compact, dark crimson foliage, reddish stems

Height: 18-24”         Zone 5-10

‘Passionate Blush’: 1gal-7.99

fluttering display of pink flowers on red stems

Height: 16-24”         Zone 5-10


‘Passionate Rainbow’: 1gal-7.99

colorful variegated foliage with rose-pink flowers

Height: 24-36”           Zones 5-9

‘Siskiyou Pink’: 1gal-7.99

deep pink flowers on tall open spikes

Height: 36-48”         Zone 5-10


‘Whirling Butterflies’ 1gal-7.99

snow white flowers on arching red stems

Height: 24-36”           Zones 5-9



‘True Blue’ 1qt-6.99; 2qt/6”sq-7.99

2” bright blue flowers

Height: 15”     Zones 3-9


GERANIUMS ○◓ (Cranesbill; Hardy Geranium)

x cantabrigiense (Cambridge Geranium):

‘Biokovo’: 1gal-7.99

masses of white flowers (pink centers)

Height: 6-12”     Zones 5-8


‘Cambridge’: 1gal-7.99

purple-violet flowers

Height: 6-8”   Zones 5-8


‘Karmina’: 1gal-7.99

carmine-red flowers

Height: 6-10”      Zones 5-8

cinereum (Grayleaf Cranesbill):

‘Ballerina’: 2qt-7.99

dainty pink flowers (purple veins)

Height: 6-8”   Zones 4-9

‘Purple Pillow’: 2qt-7.99

reddish-purple flowers (black veins and center)

Height: 6-8”       Zones 4-8

endressii x psilostemon:

‘Patricia’: 1gal-7.99

magenta pink flowers with black centers

Height: 18-24”       Zones 4-8



‘Brookside’: 1gal-7.99

clear blue flowers

Height: 18”         Zones 5-8


‘Johnson’s Blue’: 1gal-6.99

2” wide vivid periwinkle blue flowers

Height: 15-18”   Zones 4-8


‘Philippe Vapelle’: 1gal-7.99

large bluish-purple flowers (dark veins)

Height: 15”     Zones 4-8

‘Rozanne’: 1gal-7.99

violet-blue flowers (white centers)

Height: 12-18”   Zones 5-8

‘Tiny Monster’: 1gal-7.99

purple-violet flowers

Height: 16-18”   Zones 4-8


macrorrhizum (Bigroot Geranium):

‘Bevan’s Variety’: 1gal-7.99

deep magenta flowers (dark red sepals)

Height: 9-12”     Zones 3-8


‘Ingwersen’s Variety’: 1gal-6.99

clusters of pale pink flowers

Height: 12-15”       Zones 4-8

pratense (Meadow Cranesbill):

‘Hocus Pocus’: 1gal-9.99

lavender purple flowers; bronze foliage

Height: 12-16”     Zones 3-9

‘Midnight Reiter’: 1gal-7.99

plum-purple leaves; lavender blue flowers

Height: 6-10”   Zones 4-8


sanguineum (Bloody Cranesbill):

‘Blushing Turtle’: 1gal-7.99

Orchid pink with darker veins

Height: 16-20”       Zones 5-8


‘Max Frei’: 1gal-7.99

reddish-purple flowers; red foliage in fall

Height: 6-9”       Zones 3-8


‘New Hampshire Purple’: 1gal-7.99

deeply-lobed leaves; deep magenta flowers

Height: 9-12”     Zones 3-8


var. striatum (Lancastriense): 2qt-6.99

soft pink flowers (rose veins)

Height: 6-8”     Zones 4-8



‘Rise and Shine’: 1gal-7.99

blue and pink with white center

Height: 12-24”     Zones 4-8


GEUM (Avens) ○◓

‘Alabama Slammer’: 6”sq-7.99

ruffled gold flowers (red-orange markings)

Height: 11-14”     Zones 5-7


‘Banana Daiquiri’: 1gal-7.99

clear lemon yellow semi-double flowers

Height: 18-24


‘Flames of Passion’: 1gal-7.99

red flowers with a hint of orange

Height: 12-15”     Zone 3-7


‘Red Dragon’: 1gal-6.99

Bright & flashy scarlet-red to orange blooms

Height: 16-20”         Zones 5-9


‘Sea Breeze’: 1gal-7.99

bright orange flowers

Height: 15-18”   Zones 5-7




GYPSOPHILA (Baby’s Breath) ○◓


‘Bristol Fairy’ : 1gal-7.99

explosion of double white flowers

Height: 30-36”     Zones 4-8


‘Double Snowflake’ (‘Snowflake’): 1gal-7.99

masses of tiny, double white flowers

Height: 30-36”       Zones 5-9


‘Festival Star’: PW 1gal-7.99

clouds of small white flowers

Height:12-24”     Zones 5-11


‘Perfecta’: 1gal-7.99

wispy clouds of double white flowers

Height: 36”       Zones 3-9


‘Pink Fairy ‘: 1gal-7.99

clouds of double light pink flowers

Height: 18”           Zones 3-9


HEDERA (English Ivy) ○◓●

helix ‘Baltica’ (Baltic Ivy):

half flat: 16.99 ; full flat: 32.99

helix ‘Thorndale’:

half flat: 16.99 ; full flat: 32.99


HELENIUM (Helen’s Flower) ○◓

‘Bandera’: 1 gal-7.99

red flowers with yellow fringe and brown cones

Height: 18-20”       Zones 3-9


‘Canary’: 1 gal-7.99

bright yellow flowers surround yellow cones

Height: 30-36”       Zones 4-9


‘Coppelia’: 1gal-6.99

coppery-orange daisy-like flowers

Height: 24-36”     Zones 3-8


‘Double Trouble’: 1 gal-7.99

bright double yellow frilly flowers

Height: 30”     Zones 4-8


‘Fuego’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf; red & yellow bicolor flowers

Height: 18-21”     Zones 4-8

‘Mardi Gras’: 1gal-7.99

yellow flowers splashed with orange-red

Height: 30”   Zones 4-8


‘Salsa’: 1gal-7.99

dwarf; deep red flowers

Height: 18-21”   Zones 4-8


‘Short & Sassy’: 1gal-7.99

bright gold and orange flowers

Height: 12-18”   Zones 4-8


‘Sombrero’: 1gal-7.99

bright yellow flowers and gold cone

Height: 18-20”   Zones 3-9


HELIANTHUS ○◓ (Perennial Sunflower)

‘Lemon Queen’: 1gal-7.99

2” wide soft lemon yellow flowers

Height: 6-8ft         Zones 4-9


salicifolius (Willowleaf Sunflower): 2gal-9.99

very narrow leaves (like green silk); yellow flower

Height: 7-8ft           Zones 4-9


HELIOPSIS (False Sunflower) ○◓

‘Bressingham Doubloon’: 1gal-7.99

semi-double, true golden flowers

Height: 48-60”       Zones 3-9


‘Summer Nights’: 1gal-7.99

golden-yellow daisy-like flowers; mahogany eye

Height: 3-4 ft       Zones 3-9


‘Summer Sun’: 1gal-6.99

golden-yellow daisy-like flowers

Height: 24-36”       Zones 3-9


‘Tuscan Sun’: PW1gal-9.99

dwarf variety; yellow flowers with gold centers

Height: 12-18”     Zones 3-9


HELLEBORUS (Lenten Rose) ○◓

orientalis hybrids:

‘Cotton Candy’: 1 gal-16.99

fluffy pink petals with darker veining

Height: 12”         Zones 5-8


‘Golden Sunrise’: 1 gal-16.99

canary yellow petals with variable red markings

Height: 18-22”         Zones 4-9


‘Ivory Prince’: 1 gal-16.99

rose streaked creamy white flowers

Height: 16-20”     Zones 5-9


‘Pink Frost’: 1 gal-16.99

flowers light pink to burgundy red

Height: 12-15”             Zones 5-9


‘Royal Heritage’: 1 gal-16.99

white, pink, red, maroon, & near black shades

Height: 16-23”           Zones 4-9


‘Ruby Wine’: 1 gal-16.99

shades of red; crested center with white stamens

Height: 18-22”             Zones 4-9


‘Winter’s Bliss’: 1 gal-16.99

creamy white flowers with dark pink reverse

Height: 15-18”           Zones 4-9


‘Winter’s Song’: 1 gal-16.99

white flowers with pink reverse; evergreen foliage

Height: 15-18”           Zones 4-9


‘Alabama Jubilee’: 1gal-7.99

huge, fragrant, fiery red-orange flowers

Height: 30”       Zones 4-11


‘August Frost’: 1gal-7.99

ruffled near white to yellow petals

Height: 34”       Zones 3-9


‘Baja’: 1gal-6.99

blood red petals with bright yellow throat

Height: 26”       Zones 3-9


‘Bama Bound’: 1gal-6.99

deep royal red petals with yellow throat

Height: 24”     Zones 3-9


‘Barbara Mitchell’: 1gal-6.99

Soft pink ruffled flowers; yellowish throat

Height: 18-24”       Zones 3-9


‘Bella Lugosi’: 1gal-9.99

one of the best purple daylilies

Height: 33”     Zones 3-9


‘Bright Sunset’: 1gal-6.99

fragrant burnt coppery-orange flowers

Height: 36”       Zones 3-9


‘Buttered Popcorn’: 1gal-7.99

great re-blooming butter-yellow daylily

Height: 32”     Zones 3-9


‘Catherine Woodbury’: 1gal-6.99

pastel orchid-pink flowers (lemon yellow throat)

Height: 30-33”       Zones 3-9

‘Chicago Apache’: 1gal-7.99

scarlet-red blossoms; yellow-green throat

Height: 27-30”     Zones 3-9


‘Desert Flame’: 1gal-9.99

vibrant flaming red-orange blossoms

Height: 36”       Zones 3-9


‘Earlybird Cardinal’: 1gal-9.99

watermelon-red flowers; chartreuse throat

Height: 21-24”                   Zones 4-9

‘El Desperado’: 1gal-7.99

large mustard yellow flowers (dark red eye)

Height: 28”     Zones 4-9


‘Fire King’: 1gal-7.99

heavily ruffled brilliant orange-red flowers

Height: 30”         Zones 3-9


‘Fragrant Returns’: 6”sq-7.99

light lemon-yellow ruffled flowers

Height: 18”         Zones 3-9


‘Garden Show’: 1gal-7.99

fragrant mauve petals; citron yellow throat

Height: 24-28”       Zones 3-9


‘Gentle Shepherd’: 1gal-6.99

one of the best white flowering daylilies

Height: 24-30”     Zones 3-9


‘Going Bananas’: PW1gal-7.99

fragrant, light yellow flowers

Height” 18-24”     Zones 3-9


‘Happy Returns’: 1gal-7.99

Fragrant canary yellow blooms

Height:16-18”       Zones 3-9


‘Hyperion’: 1gal-7.99

canary yellow flowers (light sweet fragrance)

Height: 36-40”   Zones 3-9

‘Ice Carnival’: 1gal-6.99

near-white, diamond dusted petals

Height: 28”     Zones 3-9


‘Jazz King’: 1gal-7.99

fragrant; bright orange-gold flowers (red eye)

Height: 30”     Zones 3-9


‘Joan Senior’: 1gal-7.99

whitest near-white daylily

Height: 25-30”     Zones 3-9


‘Kwanso’: 1gal-7.99

tangerine-red flowers; overlapping petals

Height: 30-40”     Zones 3-10


‘Little Grapette’: 1gal-7.99

very fragrant purple flowers with yellow throat

Height: 12”         Zones 3-9


‘Marque Moon’: 1gal-6.99

fragrant, ruffled cream-yellow flowers

Height: 24’            Zones 3-9

‘Mary Todd’: 1gal-7.99

lightly ruffled pastel yellow flowers

Height: 26”     Zones 3-9

‘Midnight Raider’: 1gal-7.99

reddish purple flowers, yellow halo, green throat

Height: 30”     Zones 3-9


‘Mighty Chestnut’: 1gal-7.99

russet red-orange flowers with burgundy eye

Height: 30”         Zones 3-9


‘Mini Pearl’: 1gal-7.99

loosely ruffled, pale melon-pink flowers

Height: 16”       Zones 3-9


‘My Melinda’: 1gal-6.99

rose-pink flowers with yellow center

Height: 24”       Zones 3-9


‘Nosferatu’: PW1gal-9.99

fragrant dark purple flowers (chartreuse throat)

Height: 26”     Zons 3-9


‘Omomuki’: 1gal-7.99

fragrant, citron yellow flowers; heavily ruffled

Height: 26”     Zones 3-9


‘Pardon Me’:   1gal-7.99

fragrant, bright red flowers (yellow throat)

Height: 12-18”     Zones 3-9


‘Primal Scream’: PW1gal-9.99

glimmering tangerine orange; “unusual form”

Height: 34”         Zones 3-9


‘Purple d’Oro’: 1gal-7.99

ruffled reddish-purple flowers; yellow throat

Height: 18-24”       Zones 3-9


‘Red Hot Returns’: 1gal-7.99

continuous blooming red blossoms (yellow halo)

Height: 24-28”   Zones 5-9


‘Red Razzmatazz’: 1gal-6.99

fire engine red flowers with yellow throat

Height: 32”         Zones 3-9


’Rocket City’: 1gal-6.99

bittersweet orange with burnt orange eye

Height: 36”       Zones 3-9


‘Rosy Returns’: 1gal-6.99

fragrant, rosy pink (purple eye; green throat)

Height: 15”       Zones 4-8


‘Ruby Sentinel’: 1gal-7.99

rich ruby red flowers with emerald green throat

Height: 36”           Zones 3-9


‘Ruby Spider’: PW1gal-9.99

gigantic 9”, dark ruby red flowers (gold throat)

Height: 34”       Zones 3-9


‘Ruby Stella’: 1gal-9.99

vibrant wine-red trumpet-shaped flowers

Height: 26”     Zones 2-8


‘Ruffled Apricot’: 1gal-7.99

fragrant, apricot flowers (creamy pink midrib)

Height: 26”   Zones 3-9


‘Scottish Fantasy’: 1gal-7.99

large, fragrant coral pink flowers (yellow center)

Height: 28”         Zones 3-9


‘Siloam Peony Display’: PW1gal-9.99

fragrant, fully double peach colored flowers

Height: 18”       Zones 3-9


‘South Seas’: 1gal-7.99

fragrant, coral-tangerine flowers (yellow throat)

Height: 30”       Zones 3-9


‘Spanish Glow’: 1gal-7.99

warm peach, ruffled flowers (gold throat)

Height: 26”         Zones 3-9


‘Stella d’Oro’: 6”sq-6.99

fragrant, miniature (3”) yellow flower

Height: 9-12”       Zones 3-10


‘Stella Supreme’: PW1gal-7.99

citrus yellow flowers with citrus fragrance

Height: 12-15”       Zones 4-9


‘Stephanie Returns’: 1gal-7.99

peachy pink with purple eye (yellow throat)

Height: 14-16”      Zones 4-8


‘Stolen Treasure’: 1gal-7.99

light and dark rose-pink tones

Height: 26”         Zones 3-9


‘Strawberry Candy’: 1gal-6.99

large coral-pink flowers with strawberry-red eye

Height: 23-26”       Zones 3-9


‘Strutter’s Ball: 1gal-7.99

deep purple flowers (silvery halo); yellow throat

Height: 28”         Zones 3-9


‘Sunday Gloves’: 1gal-7.99

highly fragrant white blossoms (pale yellow eye)

Height: 27”           Zones 3-9


‘Sun Dried Tomatoes’: 1gal-9.99

rich red tones; golden green throat

Height: 32-36”         Zones 3-9


‘The Jury’s Out’: 1gal-7.99

a blooming machine! yellow trumpet flowers

Height: 32-34”       Zones 3-9


‘Wedding Band’: 1gal-7.99

fragrant white flowers (yellow-green throat)

Height: 26”       Zones 4-9


matronalis (Dame’s Rocket): 1gal-6.99

very fragrant white or violet-purple flowers

Height: 2-3ft       Zones 2-9



(Alumroot, Coral Bells)

‘Beaujolais’: 2qt-7.99

huge burgundy leaves, silvering touch

Height: 12” (flowers to 24”)     Zones 4-9


‘Black Currant’: 1qt-6.99

bold purple leaves with silver accents

Height: 8” (flowers to 16”)           Zones 4-9


‘Black Out’: 2qt-7.99

almost black foliage; creamy flowers

Height: 6” (flowers to 10”)       Zones 4-9


‘Cappuccino’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

dark bronzish leaves with splashes of white

Height: 9” (flowers to 22”)       Zones 4-9


‘Caramel’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

light pink flowers above apricot colored leaves

Height: 8” (flowers to 18”)       Zones 4-8


‘Cherry Cola’: 1qt-7.99

reddish brown foliage; cherry red flowers

Height: 8”         Zones 4-9


‘Circus’: 1qt-7.99

multi-colored foliage; hot pink flowers

Height: 14”       Zones 4-9


‘Citronelle’: 2qt-7.99

bright yellow foliage; creamy flowers

Height: 6” (flowers to 12”)   Zones 4-8


‘Crème Brulee’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

peachy bronze leaves; red flowers

Height: 12” (flowers to30”)   Zones 4-9


‘Crimson Curls’: 2qt-7.99

burgundy red to purple foliage; white flowers

Height: 10” (flowers to 18”)   Zones 3-9


‘Dark Secret’: 2qt-7.99

ruffled, deep purple bronze; creamy flowers

Height: 10” (flowers to 14”)     Zones 4-9


‘Hollywood’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

white-veiled purple leaves; coral red flowers

Height: 8” (flowers to 14”)       Zones 4-9


‘Key Lime Pie’: 1qt-6.99

lime green foliage with light pink flowers

Height: 9” (flowers to 16”)       Zones 5-9


‘Licorice’: 1qt-6.99

purple black foliage; pink flowers

Height: 8” (flowers to 16”)     Zones 4-9


‘Lime Rickey’: 1qt-6.99

frosted lime green leaves; pure white flowers

Height: 8” (flowers to 17”)     Zones 4-9


‘Mint Frost’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

silvery mint green leaves; chartreuse flowers

Height: 7” (flowers to 16”)     Zones 3-8


‘Miracle’: 2qt-7.99

chartreuse to red foliage; pink flowers

Height: 8” (flowers to 14”)   Zones 4-9


‘Mocha’: 2qt-$7.99

largest, darkest-leaved heuchera; cream flowers

Height: 16” (flowers to 30”)   Zones 4-9

‘Mocha Mint’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

silver-laced green foliage; coral red flowers

Height: 8” (flowes to 20”)       Zones 4-9


‘Obsidian’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

dark purple almost black leaves; whitish flowers

Height: 10” (flowers to 22”)     Zones 4-9


‘Palace Purple’: 2qt-6.99

purplish bronze foliage; most popular heuchera

Height: 10” (flowers to20”)   Zones 3-8

‘Peach Melba’: 1qt-6.99

peach orange foliage changes colors with season

Height: 8” (flowers to 16”)   Zones 4-9


‘Pewter Veil’: 1gal-7.99

metallic silver foliage with purple undertones

Height: 12” (flowers to 22”)     Zones 4-9


‘Plum Pudding’: 2qt/6”sq-6.99

true plum color w/darker purple veins

Height: 10” (flowers to 24”)   Zones 3-8


‘Silver Scrolls’: 2qt-7.99

metallic silver leaves (red veins); pinkish flowers

Height: 11” (flowers to 24”)     Zones 4-9

‘Splendens’: 1gal-7.99

bright red flowers over medium green foliage

Height: 8” (flowers to 18”)   Zones 4-9

‘Stainless Steel’: 1qt-7.99

the ultimate in silver metallic foliage

Height: 8” (flowers to 18”)     Zones 4-8


‘Stolen Treasure’: 1gal-7.99

light and dark rose pink tones

Height: 26”           Zones 3-9


‘Stormy Seas’: 2qt-6.99

ruffled maroon to bronze green leaves

Height: 16” (flowers to 36”)   Zones 4-9


‘Tiramisu’: 2qt-7.99

golden leaves with red blotched center

Height: 9” (flowers to 13”)       Zones 4-9


HEUCHERELLA (Foamy Bells) ○◓●

‘Golden Zebra’: 2qt/6”sq-7.99

explosive yellow leaves with bold red centers

Height: 10” (flowers to18”)  Zones 4-9


‘Gunsmoke’: 2qt-7.99

bronze-red-silver leaves: white flowers

Height: 12” (flowers to 18”)   Zones 4-9


‘Kimono’: 1gal-7.99

silver-purple and green foliage (purple veins)

Height: 6” (flowers to 18”)   Zones 4-9


‘Solar Eclipse’: 1qt-9.99

stunning dark burgundy-brown foliage

Height: 20”   Zones 4-9


‘Stoplight’: 1gal-7.99

bright yellow leaves with red centers & veins

Height: 6” (flowers to 12”)     Zones 4-9


‘Sweet Tea’: 2qt-7.99

apricot-orange leaves (burgundy center blotch)

Height: 20” (flowers to27”)   Zones 4-9


HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow) ○◓

‘Blue River II’: 2gal-16.99

10” wide clear white flowers

Height: 4-5 ft         Zones 5-9


‘Fantasia’: 2gal-16.99

9” wide rosy pink flowers with red eye

Height: 2-3 ft       Zones 4-9


‘Fireball’: 2gal-16.99

10” wide clear red flowers

Height: 4-5 ft           Zones 5-9

‘Heartthrob’: 2gal-16.99

darkest red Hibiscus available

Height: 4ft       Zones 4-9


‘Kopper King’: 2gal-16.99

10” pink flowers with red eye and veins

Height: 3-4 ft       Zones 4-9


‘Lord Baltimore’: 2gal-16.99

10” wide ruffled crimson red flowers

Height: 4-5 ft           Zones 5-9


‘Midnight Marvel’: 2gal-16.99

wine purple foliage; scarlet-red flowers

Height: 4ft             Zones 4-9


‘Mocha Moon’: 2gal-16.99

dark foliage; pure white flowers (red eye)

Height: 4ft         Zones 4-9


‘Old Yella’: 2gal-16.99

10” wide pale yellow flowers with dark red eye

Height: 3-4 ft             Zones 4-9


‘Party Favor’: 2gal- 16.99

very ruffled; cotton candy pink flowers; red eye

Height: 4-5 ft        Zones 4-9


‘Plum Crazy’: 2gal-16.99

8” rose-purple flowers with darker eye & veins

Height: 3-4 ft             Zones 4-9


‘Starry Starry Night’: 2gal-16.99

near-black foliage; pale pink flowers (darker vein)

Height: 3.5-4ft             Zones4-9


‘Tie Dye’: 2gal-16.99

ruffled pink flowers (white bull’s eye & red eye)

Height: 4-5 ft           Zones 4-9


‘Vintage Wine’: 2gal-16.99

scarlet red flowers (darker red eye)

Height:                   Zones 4-9



‘Berry Awesome’: PW2gal-19.99

Height: 40-48”           Zones 4-9


‘Berrylicious’: PW2gal-19.99

mauve lavender flowers with red eye

Height: 4-5ft     Zones 4-9


‘Cherry Cheesecake’: PW2gal-19.99

white flowers with magenta tipped ruffled petals

Height: 4-5ft       Zones 4-9


‘Cranberry Cush’: PW2gal-19.99

short compact clump; deep scarlet red flowers

Height: 3-4ft       Zones 4-9


‘Perfect Storm’: PW2gal-19.99

dark leaves; white with pink flowers (red eye)

Height: 30-36”             Zones 4-9


‘Summer Storm’: PW2gal-19.99

purple foliage; pink flowers with magenta eye

Height: 4-5ft         Zones 4-9




HOSTA (Plantain Lily) ◓●

‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’: 1gal-7.99

dark blue-green, seersucker leaves; white flowers

Height: 18”               Zones 3-9


‘Allan P. McConnell’: 1gal-6.99

small dark green oval leaves; thin white margins

Height: 12”                 Zones3-9


‘Aureomarginata’ (ventricosa): 1gal-7.99

dark emerald green leaves with yellow margins

Height: 22”                 Zones 2-8


‘Aureo-marginata’ (fortunei): 1gal-6.99

heart shaped deep green foliage, yellow band

Height: 18”                 Zone 3-8

‘August Moon’: 1gal-7.99

large heart shaped leaves, gold to charteuse

Height: 20”                 Zone 3-9

‘Big Daddy’: 1gal-7.99

chalky-blue leaves (Best Blue Leaf Award ’89)

Height: 28”                 Zones 2-9

‘Big Mama’: 1gal-9.99

giant deep blue-green heart-shaped leaves

Height: 28”                 Zones 3-8


‘Blue Angel’: 1gal-7.99

gigantic, heart shaped blue green leaves

Height: 32”                 Zone 3-9

‘Blue Mammoth’: 1gal-7.99

heavily puckered, powder blue leaves

Height: 36”               Zones 3-9


‘Blue Mountain’: 1gal-7.99

puckered blue-gray leaves; large white flowers

Height: 20-32”         Zones 3-9


‘Blue Mouse Ears’: 2qt-7.99

small heart-shaped, blue-green leaves

Height: 8”               Zones 3-9


‘Blue Umbrella’: 6”sq/1gal-7.99

heart-shaped, corrugated blue-green leaves

Height: 30-36”       Zones 3-8


‘Bressingham Blue’: 1gal-7.99

huge, puckered solid blue-green leaves

Height: 24”            Zones 3-9


‘Brim Cup’: 1gal-7.99

dark green leaves wide creamy white margins

Height; 14”             Zones 3-9


‘Captain Kirk’: 1gal-9.99

gold-centered leaves with wide dark green margins

Height: 20”             Zones 3-9


‘Christmas Candy’: 1gal-7.99

green lance-shaped leaves with wide white centers

Height: 14”             Zones 3-9


‘Crowned Imperial: 1gal-7.99

broad, gray-green leaves, cream white margins

Height: 20-24”       Zone 3-9


‘Diamond Tiara’: 1gal-7.99

medium green leaves, crisp white margins

Height: 14”             Zone 3-9

‘Dream Queen’: 1gal-9.99

blue-green leaves; cream center; white flowers

Height: 28”       Zones 3-9


‘Earth Angel’: 1gal-7.99

blue/green leaves; cream margin; lavender flowers

Height: 26”       Zones 3-9


‘Elegans’: 1gal-7.99

large, heavily textured, blue-green leaves

Height: 24-36”         Zone 3-9


‘El Nino’: 1gal-9.99

powder-blue leaves with streaky white margins

Height: 16-18”       Zones 2-9


‘Empress Wu’: PW1gal-?; 2gal-12.99

tallest hosta; massive 18” wide green leaves

Height: 4ft       Zones 3-9


‘First Frost’: 1gal-7.99

powdery blue-green leaves, creamy white margins

Height: 16-18”       Zones 2-9


‘Francee’: 1gal-7.99

dark green leaves with narrow white margins

Height: 14”         Zones 3-9


‘Frances Williams’: 1gal-7.99

giant, blue-green leaves, yellow margins

Height: 22”             Zone 3-9

‘Ginko Craig’: 1gal-7.99

narrow, dark green leaves crisp white margins

Height: 10-12”       Zone 3-9

‘Gold Standard’: 1gal-7.99

large, ovate leaves have dark green margins

Height: 20”             Zone 3-9

‘Golden Tiara’: 1gal-7.99

small, heart-shaped leaves pale yellow margins

Height: 15”             Zone 3-9


‘Grand Tiara’: 1gal-7.99

ovate, chartreuse leaves with darker green centers

Height: 14”            Zone 3-9


‘Great Expectations’: 1gal-7.99

thick, puckered, broad leaves, slug resisant

Height: 20”             Zone 3-9

‘Guacamole’: 1gal-7.99

huge, glossy, apple green leaves, dark green edge

Height: 22”           Zone 3-9

‘Halcyon’: 1gal-7.99

frosty blue-green and pointed leaves

Height: 18”           Zone 3-9

‘Honeybells’: 1gal-7.99

“tough as they come” green hosta; fragrant flowers

Height: 22”             Zone 3-8


‘Hudson Bay’:1gal-9.99

blue margins; apple-green jetting; cream center

Height: 24”             Zones 3-9


‘Hyacinthina’: 1gal-6.99

blue green, mature to gray green, white margin

Height: 14-18”       Zone 3-9


‘Kiwi Full Monty’: 1gal-7.99

rich blue-green leaves; cream center

Height: 22”       Zones 3-9


‘Krossa Regal’: 1gal-7.99

frosty blue-green leaves, vase-like habit

Height: 40”             Zone 3-9

‘Loyalist’: 1gal-7.99

sport of ‘Patriot’ with reverse variegation

Height: 18”             Zone 3-9

‘Minuteman’: 1gal-7.99

stunning, very dark green leaves, white margin

Height: 18”            Zone 3-9


‘Night Before Christmas’: 1gal-7.99

huge, dark green leaves, creamy-white centers

Height: 18”             Zone 3-9

‘Patriot’: 6”sq/1gal-7.99

ovate leaves have dark green centers

Height: 22”           Zone 3-9

‘Paul’s Glory’: 1gal-7.99

continuously changing leaf colors

Height: 24”             Zone 3-9


plantaginea: 1gal-6.99

the mother of all fragrant hostas! white flowers

Height: 18-25”       Zone 3-8


plantaginea ‘Grandiflora’: 1gal-7.99

light green foliage; large fragrant white flowers

Height: 16-18”           Zones 3-9

‘Praying Hands’: 1gal-9.99

upright, narrow, tightly folded praying leaves

Height: 14-18”       Zone 3-9


‘Rainforest Sunrise’: 1gal-9.99

crinkly golden leaves, streaky dark-green margins

Height: 10-12”            Zone 3-9


‘Regal Splendor’: 6”sq/1gal-7.99

long, pointed, blue leaves creamy yellow margins

Height: 36”             Zone 3-9

‘Revolution’: 1gal-7.99

dark green leaves have large, cream centers

Height: 18”           Zone 3-9

‘Royal Standard’: 1gal-6.99

mounds of wavy, green, glossy, pointed leaves

Height: 26”           Zone 3-9


‘Sagae’: 1gal-9.99

powdery green leaves edged with cream streaks

Height: 28-32”         Zones 2-9


‘Strip Tease’: 1gal-7.99

sun tolerant; white strip on green & gold leaves

Height: 24”         Zones 3-9


‘Sum and Substance’: 1gal-7.99

light green to chartreuse to gold foliage

Height: 36”           Zone 3-9


‘Sun Power’: 1gal-7.99

sun tolerant; brilliant glowing gold leaves

Height: 24”               Zones 3-9


‘T-Rex’: 1gal-9.99

monster-size dusky blue-green leaves

Height: 30-36”           Zones 3-9


‘True Blue’: 1gal-7.99

puckered, gray-blue leaves

Height: 22-24”           Zones 3-9

‘Twilight’: 1gal-7.99

dark green leaves; wide golden-yellow margins

Height: 20”                Zones 3-9


‘Vulcan’: 1gal-9.99

heart-shaped leaves; white center, green margins

Height: 20-22”                 Zones 2-9


‘Undulata Albomarginata’: 1gal-6.99

medium green leaves with wavy, white margins

Height: 18”           Zone 3-9


‘Undulata Mediopicta’: 1gal-6.99

wavy leaves white centers irregular green margins

Height: 15”           Zone 3-8

‘Wheee!: PW1gal-9.99

extremely ruffled foliage; cream margins

Height: 20-24”           Zones 3-9


‘Wide Brim’: 1gal-7.99

dark green, wide irregular buttery yellow margins

Height: 16”           Zone 3-9

‘Wolverine’: 1gal-9.99

shiny, wavy, tapering blue green w/gold margins

Height: 15-18”     Zone 3-9

HOUTTUYNIA (Chameleon Plant) ○◓

cordata ‘Chameleon’: 1qt-4.99; 2qt-6.99

spectacular variegated foliage colors

Height: 6-9”             Zones 3-8