Sod and Turf

We proudly carry Black Beauty Sod from Downeast Turf Farms in Kennebunk, ME.

A variety of turf type tall fescue, Black Beauty Sod is a finer bladed variety of this type of sod, giving it a wonderful appearance with all the benefits of a turf type tall fescue.

Like other turf type tall fescues, Black Beauty Sod is more drought tolerant and durable than other types of grass. It is also very wear tolerant and lush, performing well in even high traffic areas and in poor soils of low pH where other seeding jobs often fail.

Black Beauty Sod is naturally insect repellent and requires less water and fewer nutrients to thrive – making this blend an environmentally sound choice that lowers your environmental footprint.

Black Beauty Sod can be purchased in 10 square foot strips, or by the pallet for big jobs.

Black Beauty Sod