Ornamental and Flowering Perennial Vines

Listed below are samples of the varieties that we carry. Please stop by and see our full selection for yourself!

Genus nameCommon namePhotoVarietyFeaturesClimbing heightBloom timeUSDA zoneSun exposure
AkebiaFiveleaf AkebiaQuinataRacemes of fragrant flowers in shades of purple. Purple fruit in fall. Can be used as a twining vine or rampart ground cover.20-40ftSpring4-8○◑
CampsisTrumpet VineMadame GalenClimbing vine with big showy salmon-red flowers.15-30ftLate Summer4-9○◑
CampsisTrumpet VineRadicansExtremely vigorous vine with orange/red trumpet-shaped flowers. Attracts hummingbirds.25-40ftSummer4-9○◑
ClematisClematisBelle de WokingBlue double 4-6 inch flowers4-6ftLate Spring; Early Fall4-9○◑
ClematisClematisComtesse de BouchaudRosy-lilac 6-7 inch flowers8-12ftLate Spring; Early Fall4-9○◑

JackmanniVelvety deep purple 5-6 inch flowers8-12ftLate Spring; Early Fall4-9○◑
ClematisClematisJackmanni SuperbaLike its more famous namesake but with broader petals for a fuller appearance; 5-6 inch flowers 8-12ftLate Spring; Early Fall4-9○◑
HederaBaltic Ivy; English IvyThorndaleDeep green foliage with prominent cream-colored veining6-12ftFall5-9○◑●
HydrangeaClimbing HydrangeaClimbing HydrangeaClimbing vine with lush round dark green foliage. Clusters of sweetly fragrant white flowers.50-80ftLate Spring;Summer5-9○◑
LoniceraHoneysuckleDropmore ScarletQuick growing climbing vine with slender red-orange tubular flowers.10-20ftSummer; Early Fall4-9○◑
LoniceraHoneysuckleGold FlameBlue-green foliage with fragrant pink-red flowers with yellowish interiors. Flowers heavily in spring and sporadically into fall.10-20ftLate Spring; Summer4-9○◑
ParthenocissusVirginia CreeperQuinquefoliaLustrous dark green leaves which develop flaming shades of orange and red in the fall. Performs in almost any type of soil. Use as ground cover or high-climbing clinging vines.30-50ftLate Spring; Summer○◑
ParthenocissusBoston IvyTricuspidataDark green 3-lobed leaves which turn scarlet red in fall. Performs in almost any type of soil. Use as ground cover or high-climbing clinging vines.30-50ftSummer○◑
WisteriaAmerican WisteriaAmethyst FallsDeciduous climbing, woody vine with vigorous twining stems. Best when trained on an arbor, trellis or fence to allow viewing of the spectacular pendulous violet-purple flower clusters.10-25ftLate spring, early summer5-9○◑